Thomas Frederiksen
Thomas Frederiksen
Ikerbasque Research Professor, Donostia International Physics Center
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Inelastic transport theory from first principles: Methodology and application to nanoscale devices
T Frederiksen, M Paulsson, M Brandbyge, AP Jauho
Physical Review B 75 (20), 205413, 2007
Inelastic scattering and local heating in atomic gold wires
T Frederiksen, M Brandbyge, N Lorente, AP Jauho
Physical review letters 93 (25), 256601, 2004
Improvements on non-equilibrium and transport Green function techniques: The next-generation transiesta
N Papior, N Lorente, T Frederiksen, A García, M Brandbyge
Computer Physics Communications 212, 8-24, 2017
Modeling inelastic phonon scattering in atomic-and molecular-wire junctions
M Paulsson, T Frederiksen, M Brandbyge
Physical Review B 72 (20), 201101, 2005
Unified description of inelastic propensity rules for electron transport through nanoscale junctions
M Paulsson, T Frederiksen, H Ueba, N Lorente, M Brandbyge
Physical Review Letters 100 (22), 226604, 2008
Conductance of alkanedithiol single-molecule junctions: a molecular dynamics study
M Paulsson, C Krag, T Frederiksen, M Brandbyge
Nano Letters 9 (1), 117-121, 2009
Controlled contact to a C60 molecule
N Néel, J Kröger, L Limot, T Frederiksen, M Brandbyge, R Berndt
Physical review letters 98 (6), 065502, 2007
Inelastic transport through molecules: Comparing first-principles calculations to experiments
M Paulsson, T Frederiksen, M Brandbyge
Nano letters 6 (2), 258-262, 2006
Atomic-scale engineering of electrodes for single-molecule contacts
G Schull, T Frederiksen, A Arnau, D Sánchez-Portal, R Berndt
Nature nanotechnology 6 (1), 23-27, 2011
Passing current through touching molecules
G Schull, T Frederiksen, M Brandbyge, R Berndt
Physical Review Letters 103 (20), 206803, 2009
Force-induced tautomerization in a single molecule
JN Ladenthin, T Frederiksen, M Persson, JC Sharp, S Gawinkowski, ...
Nature chemistry 8 (10), 935-940, 2016
Single spin localization and manipulation in graphene open-shell nanostructures
J Li, S Sanz, M Corso, DJ Choi, D Peña, T Frederiksen, JI Pascual
Nature communications 10 (1), 200, 2019
H-atom relay reactions in real space
T Kumagai, A Shiotari, H Okuyama, S Hatta, T Aruga, I Hamada, ...
Nature materials 11 (2), 167-172, 2012
Action spectroscopy for single-molecule reactions–Experiments and theory
Y Kim, K Motobayashi, T Frederiksen, H Ueba, M Kawai
Progress in Surface Science 90 (2), 85-143, 2015
Uncovering the triplet ground state of triangular graphene nanoflakes engineered with atomic precision on a metal surface
J Li, S Sanz, J Castro-Esteban, M Vilas-Varela, N Friedrich, T Frederiksen, ...
Physical Review Letters 124 (17), 177201, 2020
Charge transport in azobenzene-based single-molecule junctions
Y Kim, A Garcia-Lekue, D Sysoiev, T Frederiksen, U Groth, E Scheer
Physical review letters 109 (22), 226801, 2012
From tunneling to contact: Inelastic signals in an atomic gold junction from first principles
T Frederiksen, N Lorente, M Paulsson, M Brandbyge
Physical Review B 75 (23), 235441, 2007
Characterization of single-molecule pentanedithiol junctions by inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy and first-principles calculations
CR Arroyo, T Frederiksen, G Rubio-Bollinger, M Vélez, A Arnau, ...
Physical Review B 81 (7), 075405, 2010
Dynamic Jahn-Teller effect in electronic transport through single C60 molecules
T Frederiksen, KJ Franke, A Arnau, G Schulze, JI Pascual, N Lorente
Physical Review B 78 (23), 233401, 2008
Efficient calculation of inelastic vibration signals in electron transport: Beyond the wide-band approximation
JT Lü, RB Christensen, G Foti, T Frederiksen, T Gunst, M Brandbyge
Physical Review B 89 (8), 081405, 2014
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