Roelien Bastiaanse
Roelien Bastiaanse
Full professor Neurolinguistics
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Verb retrieval in action naming and spontaneous speech in agrammatic and anomic aphasia
R Bastiaanse, R Jonkers
Aphasiology 12 (11), 951-969, 1998
Analyzing the spontaneous speech of aphasic speakers.
R Prins, R Bastiaanse
Aphasiology, 2004
On the relation between verb inflection and verb position in Dutch agrammatic aphasics
R Bastiaanse, R Van Zonneveld
Brain and Language 64 (2), 165-181, 1998
Sentence production with verbs of alternating transitivity in agrammatic Broca's aphasia
R Bastiaanse, R van Zonneveld
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How selective are selective word class deficits? Two case studies of action and object naming
R Jonkers, R Bastiaanse
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The impact of executive functions on verb production in patients with Parkinson's disease
KSF Colman, J Koerts, M van Beilen, KL Leenders, WJ Post, ...
cortex 45 (8), 930-942, 2009
Time reference in agrammatic aphasia: A cross-linguistic study
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Production of verbs in base position by Dutch agrammatic speakers: Inflection versus finiteness
R Bastiaanse
Journal of Neurolinguistics 21 (2), 104-119, 2008
Spontaneous speech in aphasia: A correlational study
J Vermeulen, R Bastiaanse, B Van Wageningen
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Broca′ s Aphasia: A syntactic and/or a morphological disorder? A case study
R Bastiaanse
Brain and language 48 (1), 1-32, 1995
Word order and finiteness in Dutch and English Broca’s and Wernicke’s aphasia
R Bastiaanse, S Edwards
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Broca’s aphasia, verbs and the mental lexicon
R Bastiaanse, R Van Zonneveld
Brain and Language 90 (1-3), 198-202, 2004
The influence of instrumentality and transitivity on action naming in Broca’s and anomic aphasia
R Jonkers, R Bastiaanse
Brain and Language 55 (1), 37-39, 1996
Maternal catecholamine levels in midpregnancy and risk of preterm delivery
C Holzman, P Senagore, Y Tian, B Bullen, E DeVos, C Leece, A Zanella, ...
American journal of epidemiology 170 (8), 1014-1024, 2009
Verb and auxiliary movement in agrammatic Broca’s aphasia
R Bastiaanse, CK Thompson
Brain and Language 84 (2), 286-305, 2003
Diversity in the lexical and syntactic abilities of fluent aphasic speakers
S Edwards, R Bastiaanse
Aphasiology 12 (2), 99-117, 1998
Time reference through verb inflection in Turkish agrammatic aphasia
TY Duman, R Bastiaanse
Brain and Language 108 (1), 30-39, 2009
Lexical, morphological, and syntactic aspects of verb production in agrammatic aphasics
R Bastiaanse, J Hugen, M Kos, R Van Zonneveld
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Music in the treatment of neurological language and speech disorders: A systematic review
J Hurkmans, M De Bruijn, AM Boonstra, R Jonkers, R Bastiaanse, ...
Aphasiology 26 (1), 1-19, 2012
Fluent aphasia in three languages: Aspects of spontaneous speech
R Bastiaanse, S Edwards, K Kiss
Aphasiology 10 (6), 561-575, 1996
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