Bodil Holst
Bodil Holst
Professor of Physics, University of Bergen
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Surface science techniques
G Bracco, B Holst
Springer Science & Business Media, 2013
AEDGE: atomic experiment for dark matter and gravity exploration in space
YA El-Neaj, C Alpigiani, S Amairi-Pyka, H Araújo, A Balaž, A Bassi, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 7 (1), 1-27, 2020
A procedure for identifying textile bast fibres using microscopy: flax, nettle/ramie, hemp and jute
C Bergfjord, B Holst
Ultramicroscopy 110 (9), 1192-1197, 2010
An atom-focusing mirror
B Holst, W Allison
Nature 390 (6657), 244-244, 1997
Imaging with neutral atoms—a new matter‐wave microscope
M Koch, S Rehbein, G Schmahl, T Reisinger, G Bracco, WE Ernst, B Holst
Journal of microscopy 229 (1), 1-5, 2008
Nettle as a distinct Bronze Age textile plant
C Bergfjord, U Mannering, KM Frei, M Gleba, AB Scharff, I Skals, ...
Scientific Reports 2 (1), 664, 2012
Viking and early Middle Ages northern Scandinavian textiles proven to be made with hemp
G Skoglund, M Nockert, B Holst
Scientific reports 3 (1), 2686, 2013
Comment on “30,000-year-old wild flax fibers”
C Bergfjord, S Karg, A Rast-Eicher, ML Nosch, U Mannering, RG Allaby, ...
Science 328 (5986), 1634-1634, 2010
Determining the fibrillar orientation of bast fibres with polarized light microscopy: the modified Herzog test (red plate test) explained
E Haugan, B Holst
Journal of microscopy 252 (2), 159-168, 2013
Cold atoms in space: community workshop summary and proposed road-map
I Alonso, C Alpigiani, B Altschul, H Araújo, G Arduini, J Arlt, L Badurina, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 9 (1), 1-55, 2022
Poisson’s spot with molecules
T Reisinger, AA Patel, H Reingruber, K Fladischer, WE Ernst, G Bracco, ...
Physical Review A—Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics 79 (5), 053823, 2009
AEDGE: Atomic experiment for dark matter and gravity exploration in space
Y Abou El-Neaj, C Alpigiani, S Amairi-Pyka, H Araújo, A Balaž, A Bassi, ...
EPJ Quantum Technology 7 (1), 6, 2020
The structure of the α-quartz (0 0 0 1) surface investigated using helium atom scattering and atomic force microscopy
W Steurer, A Apfolter, M Koch, T Sarlat, E Søndergård, WE Ernst, B Holst
Surface science 601 (18), 4407-4411, 2007
Fluorinated graphene provides long lasting ice inhibition in high humidity
N Akhtar, G Anemone, D Farias, B Holst
Carbon 141, 451-456, 2019
Focusing of a neutral helium beam below one micron
SD Eder, T Reisinger, MM Greve, G Bracco, B Holst
New Journal of Physics 14 (7), 073014, 2012
Direct images of the virtual source in a supersonic expansion
T Reisinger, G Bracco, S Rehbein, G Schmahl, WE Ernst, B Holst
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (49), 12620-12628, 2007
The growth of ultra thin Cu-films on Pt (111), probed by helium atom scattering and scanning tunnelling microscopy
B Holst, M Nohlen, K Wandelt, W Allison
Surface science 377, 891-894, 1997
Flax look‐alikes: Pitfalls of ancient plant fibre identification
E Haugan, B Holst
Archaeometry 56 (6), 951-960, 2014
Finite-size limitations on quality factor of guided resonance modes in 2D photonic crystals
JO Grepstad, MM Greve, B Holst, IR Johansen, O Solgaard, A Sudbø
Optics express 21 (20), 23640-23654, 2013
Focusing elements and design considerations for a scanning helium microscope (SHeM)
DA MacLaren, B Holst, DJ Riley, W Allison
Surface Review and Letters 10 (02n03), 249-255, 2003
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