Viktor Baidyshev
Viktor Baidyshev
Khakas state university
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Analysis of the heat capacity of nanoclusters of FCC metals on the example of Al, Ni, Cu, Pd, and Au
Y Gafner, SL Gafner, IS Zamulin, LV Redel, VS Baidyshev
The Physics of Metals and Metallography 116 (6), 568-575, 2015
Stability and electronic properties of PtPd nanoparticles via MD and DFT calculations
IV Chepkasov, MA Visotin, EA Kovaleva, AM Manakhov, VS Baidyshev, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (31), 18070-18076, 2018
Thermal stability of Pt nanoclusters interacting to carbon sublattice
VS Baidyshev, Y Gafner, SL Gafner, LV Redel
Physics of the Solid State 59 (12), 2512-2518, 2017
Modeling possible structural transitions in aluminum and lead nanoclusters
VS Baidyshev, Y Gafner, VM Samsonov, AG Bembel
Crystallography Reports 60 (1), 95-100, 2015
Effect of disorder on the structure of small aluminum clusters during heat treatment
Y Gafner, VS Baidyshev, SL Gafner
Physics of the Solid State 57 (1), 188-196, 2015
Electrospun biodegradable nanofibers coated homogenously by Cu magnetron sputtering exhibit fast ion release. Computational and experimental study
AM Manakhov, NA Sitnikova, AR Tsygankova, AY Alekseev, ...
Membranes 11 (12), 965, 2021
Molecular dynamic simulation of melting copper-silicon nanoparticles
IV Chepkasov, VS Baidyshev, VA Tsura
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1015 (3), 032023, 2018
Microstructure and catalytic properties of Fe3O4/BN, Fe3O4 (Pt)/BN, and FePt/BN heterogeneous nanomaterials in CO2 hydrogenation reaction: Experimental and theoretical insights
AS Konopatsky, KL Firestein, ND Evdokimenko, AL Kustov, VS Baidyshev, ...
Journal of Catalysis 402, 130-142, 2021
Formation of structure in small lead clusters under thermal effect
VS Baidyshev, Y Gafner
Crystallography Reports 61 (7), 1096-1101, 2016
Iron silicides formation on Si (100) and (111) surfaces through theoretical modeling of sputtering and annealing
IV Chepkasov, VS Baidyshev, EV Sukhanova, MA Visotin, P Süle, ...
Applied Surface Science 527, 146736, 2020
The role of the vacancy complexes of nanocompacted aluminum particles on the formation of structure during heat treatment
YY Gafner, VS Baidyshev
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 81 (1), 012012, 2015
Biodegradable Nanohybrid Materials as Candidates for Self-Sanitizing Filters Aimed at Protection from SARS-CoV-2 in Public Areas
AM Manakhov, ES Permyakova, NA Sitnikova, AR Tsygankova, ...
Molecules 27 (4), 1333, 2022
Study of thermal stability of disordered alloy AgxCu1-x nanoparticles by molecular dynamic simulations
VS Baidyshev, IV Chepkasov, ND Artemova
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1015 (3), 032021, 2018
Structural properties of CuAu nanoparticles with different type. Molecular dynamic simulations
IV Chepkasov, VS Baidyshev, AY Baev
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1015 (3), 032022, 2018
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