Prof Adrian Kuah, PhD (Manchester)
Prof Adrian Kuah, PhD (Manchester)
Professor of Strategy and Sustainability, James Cook University
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Cluster Theory and Practice: Advantages for the Small Business Locating in a Vibrant Cluster
TH Adrian, A Kuah
Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 4 (3), 206-228, 2002
Circular economy and consumer acceptance: An exploratory study in East and Southeast Asia
ATH Kuah, P Wang
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A circular economy approach to green energy: Wind turbine, waste, and material recovery
S Hao, ATH Kuah, CD Rudd, KH Wong, NYG Lai, J Mao, X Liu
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Why wouldn’t green appeal drive purchase intention? Moderation effects of consumption values in the UK and China
M De Silva, P Wang, ATH Kuah
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The development of emotional intelligence, self‐efficacy, and locus of control in Master of Business Administration students
CL Thompson, ATH Kuah, R Foong, ES Ng
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The impact of value perceptions on purchase intention of sustainable luxury brands in China and the UK
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Green marketing cradle‐to‐cradle: Remanufactured products in Asian markets
P Wang, ATH Kuah
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Employers’ associations in Singapore: tripartite engagement
C Leggett, ATH Kuah, B Gan
Employers' associations in Asia, 82-101, 2017
Fast‐Expanding “Online” Markets in South Korea and China: Are They Worth Pursuing?
ATH Kuah, P Wang
Thunderbird International Business Review 59 (1), 63-77, 2017
Measuring Clustering Benefits and Competitiveness: What Do Players Really Value?
ATH Kuah, J Day
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Service measurement and definition: challenges and limitations
G Battisti, YK Dwivedi, ATH Kuah, CR Lages
Managing services: Challenges and innovation, 7-20, 2014
Morphology for circular economy business models in the electrical and electronic equipment sector of Singapore and South Korea: Findings, implications, and future agenda
CH Kim, ATH Kuah, K Thirumaran
Sustainable Production and Consumption 30, 829-850, 2022
Digital Transformation in a Post-Covid World: Sustainable Innovation, Disruption, and Change
ATH Kuah, R Dillon
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State of the Tropics 2017 Report: Sustainable infrastructure in the tropics
S Harding, D Trewin, A Penny, M Ziembicki, A Dale, TS Ustan, D Tan, ...
James Cook University, 2017
Tropical urbanisation and the life of public housing in Singapore
ATH Kuah
Etropic: electronic journal of studies in the tropics 17 (1), 41-59, 2018
Commentary: is cost transparency necessarily good for consumers?
ATH Kuah, V Weerakkody
European Journal of Marketing 49 (11/12), 1980-1986, 2015
君子 Junzi leadership in Singapore: governance and human capital development
S Le Queux, ATH Kuah
Journal of Management Development 40 (5), 389-403, 2020
Is there a diamond in the city? Leveraging the competitive advantage of the London financial centre
ATH Kuah
Singapore Management Review 30 (2), 1-17, 2008
Toward sustainable express deliveries for online shopping: Reusing packaging materials through reverse logistics
NYG Lai, ATH Kuah, CH Kim, KH Wong
Thunderbird International Business Review 64 (4), 351-362, 2022
Cyber Security: Evolving Threats in an Ever Changing World
R Dillon, P Lothian, S Grewal, D Pereira, A Kuah
Digital Transformation in a Post-Covid World: Sustainable Innovation …, 2021
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