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Structural basis for the function of the ribosomal L7/12 stalk in factor binding and GTPase activation
M Diaconu, U Kothe, F Schlünzen, N Fischer, JM Harms, AG Tonevitsky, ...
Cell 121 (7), 991-1004, 2005
A dynamic multi-organ-chip for long-term cultivation and substance testing proven by 3D human liver and skin tissue co-culture
I Wagner, EM Materne, S Brincker, U Süßbier, C Frädrich, M Busek, ...
Lab on a Chip 13 (18), 3538-3547, 2013
Circulating miRNAs: cell–cell communication function?
A Turchinovich, TR Samatov, AG Tonevitsky, B Burwinkel
Frontiers in genetics 4, 119, 2013
Biology-inspired microphysiological system approaches to solve the prediction dilemma of substance testing
U Marx, TB Andersson, A Bahinski, M Beilmann, S Beken, FR Cassee, ...
Altex 33 (3), 272, 2016
Latrophilin 1 and its endogenous ligand Lasso/teneurin-2 form a high-affinity transsynaptic receptor pair with signaling capabilities
JP Silva, VG Lelianova, YS Ermolyuk, N Vysokov, PG Hitchen, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (29), 12113-12118, 2011
Skin and hair on-a-chip: in vitro skin models versus ex vivo tissue maintenance with dynamic perfusion
B Ataç, I Wagner, R Horland, R Lauster, U Marx, AG Tonevitsky, RP Azar, ...
Lab on a chip 13 (18), 3555-3561, 2013
‘Human-on-a-chip’developments: a translational cutting-edge alternative to systemic safety assessment and efficiency evaluation of substances in laboratory animals and man?
U Marx, H Walles, S Hoffmann, G Lindner, R Horland, F Sonntag, ...
Alternatives to Laboratory Animals 40 (5), 235-257, 2012
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition: focus on metastatic cascade, alternative splicing, non-coding RNAs and modulating compounds
TR Samatov, AG Tonevitsky, U Schumacher
Molecular cancer 12 (1), 107, 2013
A multi-organ chip co-culture of neurospheres and liver equivalents for long-term substance testing
EM Materne, AP Ramme, AP Terrasso, M Serra, PM Alves, C Brito, ...
Journal of biotechnology 205, 36-46, 2015
Bacterial infections promote T cell recognition of self-glycolipids
G De Libero, AP Moran, HJ Gober, E Rossy, A Shamshiev, O Chelnokova, ...
Immunity 22 (6), 763-772, 2005
Extracellular miRNA: a collision of two paradigms
A Turchinovich, AG Tonevitsky, B Burwinkel
Trends in Biochemical Sciences 41 (10), 883-892, 2016
Intracellular and extracellular microRNA: an update on localization and biological role
JA Makarova, MU Shkurnikov, D Wicklein, T Lange, TR Samatov, ...
Progress in histochemistry and cytochemistry 51 (3-4), 33-49, 2016
Dynamically regulated miRNA-mRNA networks revealed by exercise
AG Tonevitsky, DV Maltseva, A Abbasi, TR Samatov, DA Sakharov, ...
BMC physiology 13 (1), 1-11, 2013
Chip-based liver equivalents for toxicity testing–organotypicalness versus cost-efficient high throughput
EM Materne, AG Tonevitsky, U Marx
Lab on a Chip 13 (18), 3481-3495, 2013
Isolation of atherogenic modified (desialylated) low density lipoprotein from blood of atherosclerotic patients: separation from native lipoprotein by affinity chromatography
VV Tertov, IA Sobenin, AG Tonevitsky, AN Orekhov, VN Smirnov
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 167 (3), 1122-1127, 1990
Differences in gene expression levels between early and later stages of human lung development are opposite to those between normal lung tissue and non-small lung cell carcinoma
EP Kopantzev, GS Monastyrskaya, TV Vinogradova, MV Zinovyeva, ...
Lung cancer 62 (1), 23-34, 2008
Preliminary crystallographic characterization of ricin agglutinin
EC Sweeney, AG Tonevitsky, DE Temiakov, II Agapov, S Saward, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 28 (4), 586-589, 1997
Torque Teno Virus (TTV) distribution in healthy Russian population
EV Vasilyev, DY Trofimov, AG Tonevitsky, VV Ilinsky, DO Korostin, ...
Virology journal 6 (1), 1-4, 2009
Atomic force microscope (AFM) combined with the ultramicrotome: a novel device for the serial section tomography and AFM/TEM complementary structural analysis of biological and …
AE Efimov, AG Tonevitsky, M Dittrich, NB Matsko
Journal of microscopy 226 (3), 207-216, 2007
Noninvasive biochemical monitoring of physiological stress by Fourier transform infrared saliva spectroscopy
S Khaustova, M Shkurnikov, E Tonevitsky, V Artyushenko, A Tonevitsky
Analyst 135 (12), 3183-3192, 2010
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