Michael Bleyer
Michael Bleyer
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Fast cost-volume filtering for visual correspondence and beyond
A Hosni, C Rhemann, M Bleyer, C Rother, M Gelautz
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Patchmatch stereo-stereo matching with slanted support windows.
M Bleyer, C Rhemann, C Rother
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Local stereo matching using geodesic support weights
A Hosni, M Bleyer, M Gelautz, C Rhemann
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Surface stereo with soft segmentation
M Bleyer, C Rother, P Kohli
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A layered stereo matching algorithm using image segmentation and global visibility constraints
M Bleyer, M Gelautz
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Object stereo—joint stereo matching and object segmentation
M Bleyer, C Rother, P Kohli, D Scharstein, S Sinha
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A layered stereo algorithm using image segmentation and global visibility constraints
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MonoFusion: Real-time 3D reconstruction of small scenes with a single web camera
V Pradeep, C Rhemann, S Izadi, C Zach, M Bleyer, S Bathiche
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Graph-based surface reconstruction from stereo pairs using image segmentation
M Bleyer, M Gelautz
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Secrets of adaptive support weight techniques for local stereo matching
A Hosni, M Bleyer, M Gelautz
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Simple but Effective Tree Structures for Dynamic Programming-Based Stereo Matching.
M Bleyer, M Gelautz
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Real-time local stereo matching using guided image filtering
A Hosni, M Bleyer, C Rhemann, M Gelautz, C Rother
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IPD correction and reprojection for accurate mixed reality object placement
Y Zhu, M Bleyer, DCP Demandolx, RK Price
US Patent 10,437,065, 2019
A stereo approach that handles the matting problem via image warping
M Bleyer, M Gelautz, C Rother, C Rhemann
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Temporally consistent disparity and optical flow via efficient spatio-temporal filtering
A Hosni, C Rhemann, M Bleyer, M Gelautz
Advances in Image and Video Technology: 5th Pacific Rim Symposium, PSIVT …, 2012
Temporally consistent disparity maps from uncalibrated stereo videos
M Bleyer, M Gelautz
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Stereo matching—State-of-the-art and research challenges
M Bleyer, C Breiteneder
Advanced topics in computer vision, 143-179, 2013
Extracting 3d scene-consistent object proposals and depth from stereo images
M Bleyer, C Rhemann, C Rother
Computer Vision–ECCV 2012: 12th European Conference on Computer Vision …, 2012
Does color really help in dense stereo matching
M Bleyer, S Chambon
Proceedings of the international symposium 3D data processing, visualization …, 2010
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