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Evaluation of typical conventional and unconventional plasticity models for prediction of softening behaviour of soils
K Hashiguchi, K Saitoh, T Okayasu, S Tsutsumi
Geotechnique 52 (8), 561-578, 2002
An easy-to-setup 3D phenotyping platform for KOMATSUNA dataset
H Uchiyama, S Sakurai, M Mishima, D Arita, T Okayasu, A Shimada, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on computer vision …, 2017
Unconventional friction theory based on the subloading surface concept
K Hashiguchi, S Ozaki, T Okayasu
International journal of solids and structures 42 (5-6), 1705-1727, 2005
Time-dependent elastoplastic constitutive equation based on the subloading surface model and its application to soils
K Hashiguchi, T Okayasu
Soils and Foundations 40 (4), 19-36, 2000
Development of stability indicators for dynamic Phase I overturn of conventional farm tractors with front axle pivot
Z Li, M Mitsuoka, E Inoue, T Okayasu, Y Hirai
Biosystems Engineering 134, 55-67, 2015
Parameter sensitivity for tractor lateral stability against Phase I overturn on random road surfaces
Z Li, M Mitsuoka, E Inoue, T Okayasu, Y Hirai, Z Zhu
Biosystems engineering 150, 10-23, 2016
Development of a remote environmental monitoring and control framework for tropical horticulture and verification of its validity under unstable network connection in rural area
AP Nugroho, T Okayasu, T Hoshi, E Inoue, Y Hirai, M Mitsuoka, L Sutiarso
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 124, 325-339, 2016
Mathematical models for soil displacement under a rigid wheel
K Fukami, M Ueno, K Hashiguchi, T Okayasu
Journal of Terramechanics 43 (3), 287-301, 2006
Rate-dependent inelastic constitutive equation: the extension of elastoplasticity
K Hashiguchi, T Okayasu, K Saitoh
International journal of plasticity 21 (3), 463-491, 2005
Affordable field environmental monitoring and plant growth measurement system for smart agriculture
T Okayasu, AP Nugroho, A Sakai, D Arita, T Yoshinaga, R Taniguchi, ...
2017 Eleventh International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST), 1-4, 2017
CFD analysis for evaluating and optimizing spatial distribution of CO2 concentration in a strawberry greenhouse under different CO2 enrichment methods
Y Zhang, D Yasutake, K Hidaka, M Kitano, T Okayasu
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 179, 105811, 2020
Predictive models for yield and protein content of brown rice using support vector machine
K Saruta, Y Hirai, K Tanaka, E Inoue, T Okayasu, M Mitsuoka
Computers and electronics in agriculture 99, 93-100, 2013
Modelling and verification of driving torque management for electric tractor: Dual-mode driving intention interpretation with torque demand restriction
Z Wu, B Xie, Z Li, R Chi, Z Ren, Y Du, E Inoue, M Mitsuoka, T Okayasu, ...
Biosystems Engineering 182, 65-83, 2019
Prediction of the vibration characteristics of half-track tractor considering a three-dimensional dynamic model
MA Rabbani, T Tsujimoto, M Mitsuoka, E Inoue, T Okayasu
Biosystems engineering 110 (2), 178-188, 2011
Precise measurement of soil deformation and fluctuation in drawbar pull for steel and rubber-coated rigid wheels
T Shikanai, K Hashiguchi, Y Nohse, M Ueno, T Okayasu
Journal of terramechanics 37 (1), 21-39, 2000
Collision vibration characteristics with interspace in knife driving system of combine harvester
T Fukushima, E Inoue, M Mitsuoka, T Okayasu, K Sato
Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food 5 (3), 115-120, 2012
Appropriate adaptation of precision agriculture technology in open field cultivation in tropics
AP Nugroho, L Sutiarso, T Okayasu
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 355 (1), 012028, 2019
Plant growth prediction model for lettuce (Lactuca sativa.) in plant factories using artificial neural network
A Rizkiana, AP Nugroho, NM Salma, S Afif, RE Masithoh, L Sutiarso, ...
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 733 (1), 012027, 2021
Analysis of the load of a transplanter PTO shaft based on the planting distance
WS KIM, YS KIM, YJ KIM, CH CHOI, E Inoue, T Okayasu
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University 63 (1), 97-102, 2018
Development of actuation framework for agricultural informatization supporting system
AP Nugroho, T Okayasu, E Inoue, Y Hirai, M Mitsuoka
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 46 (4), 181-186, 2013
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