Matthias Grabmair
Matthias Grabmair
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Introducing LUIMA: an experiment in legal conceptual retrieval of vaccine injury decisions using a UIMA type system and tools
M Grabmair, KD Ashley, R Chen, P Sureshkumar, C Wang, E Nyberg, ...
Proceedings of the 15th international conference on artificial intelligence …, 2015
Automatic summarization of legal decisions using iterative masking of predictive sentences
L Zhong, Z Zhong, Z Zhao, S Wang, KD Ashley, M Grabmair
Proceedings of the seventeenth international conference on artificial …, 2019
Predicting trade secret case outcomes using argument schemes and learned quantitative value effect tradeoffs
M Grabmair
Proceedings of the 16th edition of the International Conference on Articial …, 2017
Introduction for artificial intelligence and law: special issue “natural language processing for legal texts”
L Robaldo, S Villata, A Wyner, M Grabmair
Artificial Intelligence and Law 27, 113-115, 2019
Sentence boundary detection in adjudicatory decisions in the united states
J Savelka, VR Walker, M Grabmair, KD Ashley
Traitement automatique des langues 58, 21, 2017
Facilitating case comparison using value judgments and intermediate legal concepts
M Grabmair, KD Ashley
Proceedings of the 13th international conference on Artificial intelligence …, 2011
Context-aware legal citation recommendation using deep learning
Z Huang, C Low, M Teng, H Zhang, DE Ho, MS Krass, M Grabmair
Proceedings of the eighteenth international conference on artificial …, 2021
Modeling Purposive Legal Argumentation and Case Outcome Prediction using Argument Schemes in the Value Judgment Formalism
M Grabmair
University of Pittsburgh, 2016
Probabilistic semantics for the carneades argument model using bayesian networks
M Grabmair, TF Gordon, D Walton
Computational Models of Argument, 255-266, 2010
Thirty years of Artificial Intelligence and Law: the first decade
G Governatori, T Bench-Capon, B Verheij, M Araszkiewicz, E Francesconi, ...
Artificial Intelligence and Law 30 (4), 481-519, 2022
Lex Rosetta: transfer of predictive models across languages, jurisdictions, and legal domains
J Savelka, H Westermann, K Benyekhlef, CS Alexander, JC Grant, ...
Proceedings of the eighteenth international conference on artificial …, 2021
Deconfounding legal judgment prediction for European court of human rights cases towards better alignment with experts
TYS Santosh, S Xu, O Ichim, M Grabmair
arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.13836, 2022
How would you say it? eliciting lexically diverse dialogue for supervised semantic parsing
A Ravichander, T Manzini, M Grabmair, G Neubig, J Francis, E Nyberg
Proceedings of the 18th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue …, 2017
Argumentation with value judgments-an example of hypothetical reasoning
M Grabmair, KD Ashley
Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, 67-76, 2010
Zero-shot transfer of article-aware legal outcome classification for European Court of human rights cases
TYS Santosh, O Ichim, M Grabmair
arXiv preprint arXiv:2302.00609, 2023
Extractive summarization of legal decisions using multi-task learning and maximal marginal relevance
A Agarwal, S Xu, M Grabmair
arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.12437, 2022
Mining information from statutory texts in multi-jurisdictional settings
J Šavelka, M Grabmair, KD Ashley
Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, 133-142, 2014
Document Ranking with Citation Information and Oversampling Sentence Classification in the LUIMA Framework
A Bansal, Z Bu, B Mishra, S Wang, K Ashley, M Grabmair
Legal Knowledge and Information Systems: JURIX 2016: The Twenty-Ninth Annual …, 2016
Toward Extracting Information from Public Health Statutes using Text Classification and Machine Learning
M Grabmair, KD Ashley, R Hwa, PM Sweeney
Jurix 2012 - The 25th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and …, 2011
Network analysis of manually-encoded state laws and prospects for automation
PM Sweeney, E Bjerke, MA Potter, H Guclu, CR Keane, KD Ashley, ...
Winkels, Lettieri & Faro (eds.) Network Analysis in Law, 53-77, 2013
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