Kathleen Searles
Kathleen Searles
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It's my campaign I'll cry if I want to: How and when campaigns use emotional appeals
TN Ridout, K Searles
Political Psychology 32 (3), 439-458, 2011
Using social media to promote academic research: Identifying the benefits of twitter for sharing academic work
S Klar, Y Krupnikov, JB Ryan, K Searles, Y Shmargad
PloS one 15 (4), e0229446, 2020
News attention in a mobile era
J Dunaway, K Searles, M Sui, N Paul
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 23 (2), 107-124, 2018
Media coverage and public approval of the US Supreme Court
MP Hitt, K Searles
Political Communication 35 (4), 566-586, 2018
Who let the (attack) dogs out? New evidence for partisan media effects
G Smith, K Searles
Public Opinion Quarterly 78 (1), 71-99, 2014
Feeling good and doing good for the environment: The use of emotional appeals in pro-environmental public service announcements
K Searles
Applied environmental education and communication 9 (3), 173-184, 2010
Women also know stuff: meta-level mentoring to battle gender bias in political science
E Beaulieu, AE Boydstun, NE Brown, KY Dionne, A Gillespie, S Klar, ...
PS: Political Science & Politics 50 (3), 779-783, 2017
In a different voice? Explaining the use of men and women as voice-over announcers in political advertising
P Strach, K Zuber, EF Fowler, TN Ridout, K Searles
Political Communication 32 (2), 183-205, 2015
Checking facts and fighting back: Why journalists should defend their profession
RJ Pingree, B Watson, M Sui, K Searles, NP Kalmoe, JP Darr, M Santia, ...
PloS one 13 (12), e0208600, 2018
For whom the poll airs: Comparing poll results to television poll coverage
K Searles, MH Ginn, J Nickens
Public Opinion Quarterly 80 (4), 943-963, 2016
Don’t read the comments: the effects of abusive comments on perceptions of women authors’ credibility
K Searles, S Spencer, A Duru
Information, Communication & Society 23 (7), 947-962, 2020
Exploring the validity of electronic newspaper databases
TN Ridout, EF Fowler, K Searles
International Journal of Social Research Methodology 15 (6), 451-466, 2012
Partisan media, electoral predictions, and wishful thinking
K Searles, G Smith, M Sui
Public Opinion Quarterly 82 (S1), 888-910, 2018
Fair and balanced news or a difference of opinion? Why opinion shows matter for media effects
G Smith, K Searles
Political Research Quarterly 66 (3), 671-684, 2013
It's a mad, mad world: Using emotion inductions in a survey
K Searles, K Mattes
Journal of Experimental Political Science 2 (2), 172-182, 2015
The effects of men’s and women’s voices in political advertising
K Searles, EF Fowler, TN Ridout, P Strach, K Zuber
Journal of Political Marketing 19 (3), 301-329, 2020
Who’s the boss? Setting the agenda in a fragmented media environment
K Searles, G Smith
International Journal of Communication 10, 22, 2016
But her emails! How journalistic preferences shaped election coverage in 2016
K Searles, KK Banda
Journalism 20 (8), 1052-1069, 2019
The Use and Consequences of Emotions in Politics
K Searles, T Ridout
The Mysterious Persistence of Non-Consensual Norms on the US Supreme Court
AJ Ley, K Searles, CW Clayton
Tulsa L. Rev. 49, 99, 2013
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