Kerri Milita
Kerri Milita
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Nothing to hide, nowhere to run, or nothing to lose: Candidate position-taking in congressional elections
K Milita, JB Ryan, EN Simas
Political Behavior 36, 427-449, 2014
Social media and the changing information environment: Sentiment differences in read versus recirculated news content
PW Kraft, Y Krupnikov, K Milita, JB Ryan, S Soroka
Public Opinion Quarterly 84 (S1), 195-215, 2020
Clear as black and white: The effects of ambiguous rhetoric depend on candidate race
S Piston, Y Krupnikov, JB Ryan, K Milita
The Journal of Politics 80 (2), 662-674, 2018
The effects of ambiguous rhetoric in congressional elections
K Milita, EN Simas, JB Ryan, Y Krupnikov
Electoral Studies 46, 48-63, 2017
Election Laws and Agenda Setting: How Election Law Restrictiveness Shapes the Complexity of State Ballot Measures
K Milita
State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 2015
Ambiguous rhetoric and legislative accountability
EN Simas, K Milita, JB Ryan
The Journal of Politics 83 (4), 1695-1705, 2021
It could happen to you: how perceptions of personal risk shape support for social welfare policy in the American States
K Milita, J Bunch, S Yeganeh
Journal of Public Policy 40 (4), 535-552, 2020
Outcomes and outputs: Long-term effects of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families on caseload enrollment and poverty
J Bunch, S Liebertz, K Milita
Public Policy and Administration 33 (3), 290-310, 2018
Beyond roll-off: individual-level abstention on ballot measure voting
K Milita
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties 27 (4), 448-465, 2017
How gender affects the efficacy of discussion as an information shortcut
Y Krupnikov, K Milita, JB Ryan, EC Connors
Political Science Research and Methods, 1-17, 2019
Helicopter parenting and the policy attitudes of college students
K Milita, J Bunch
PS: Political Science & Politics 50 (2), 359-366, 2017
The partisan duopoly in us house elections: an analysis of minor party failure
S Schraufnagel, K Milita
Representation 46 (2), 241-253, 2010
Testing the Effects of Ballot Access Reform on Non-Major Party Electoral Fortunes: The Case of Florida's Revision 11
S Schraufnagel, K Milita
American Review of Politics 31, 25-39, 2010
Battleground States and Local Coverage of American Presidential Campaigns
K Milita, JB Ryan
Political Research Quarterly 72 (1), 104-116, 2019
Gendered dynamics of academic networks
J Scalera Elliott, SML Mitchell, ML Dion, TR Vargas, Y Krupnikov, K Milita, ...
International Studies Perspectives 24 (2), 189-229, 2023
Legislative scandals in the United States
K Milita, J Bunch
Corruption, Accountability and Discretion 29, 45-60, 2017
Congressional Challengers: Candidate Quality in US Elections to Congress.
K Milita
PERSPECTIVES ON POLITICS 20 (3), 1097-1099, 2022
Representing the Disadvantaged: Group Interests and Legislator Reputation in US Congress. By Katrina F. McNally. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022. 266p. $99.99 cloth …
K Milita
Perspectives on Politics 20 (3), 1097-1099, 2022
Shauna Reilly and Stacy G. Ulbig. The Resilient Voter: Stressful Polling Places and Voting Behavior. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. 2018. 192 pp. $95.00 (cloth)
K Milita
Public Opinion Quarterly 82 (4), 790-792, 2018
Restrictive ballot access laws reduce the technical complexityof initiatives and make them more likely to pass
K Milita
USApp–American Politics and Policy Blog, 2015
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