Netta Weinstein
Netta Weinstein
Professor, School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences
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When helping helps: autonomous motivation for prosocial behavior and its influence on well-being for the helper and recipient.
N Weinstein, RM Ryan
Journal of personality and social psychology 98 (2), 222, 2010
A multi-method examination of the effects of mindfulness on stress attribution, coping, and emotional well-being
N Weinstein, KW Brown, RM Ryan
Journal of research in personality 43 (3), 374-385, 2009
Can you connect with me now? How the presence of mobile communication technology influences face-to-face conversation quality
AK Przybylski, N Weinstein
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 30 (3), 237-246, 2013
Vitalizing effects of being outdoors and in nature
RM Ryan, N Weinstein, J Bernstein, KW Brown, L Mistretta, M Gagne
Journal of environmental psychology 30 (2), 159-168, 2010
Can nature make us more caring? Effects of immersion in nature on intrinsic aspirations and generosity
N Weinstein, AK Przybylski, RM Ryan
Personality and social psychology bulletin 35 (10), 1315-1329, 2009
A large-scale test of the goldilocks hypothesis: quantifying the relations between digital-screen use and the mental well-being of adolescents
AK Przybylski, N Weinstein
Psychological science 28 (2), 204-215, 2017
Is coming out always a “good thing”? Exploring the relations of autonomy support, outness, and wellness for lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals
N Legate, RM Ryan, N Weinstein
Social Psychological and Personality Science 3 (2), 145-152, 2012
Trait mindfulness modulates neuroendocrine and affective responses to social evaluative threat
KW Brown, N Weinstein, JD Creswell
Psychoneuroendocrinology 37 (12), 2037-2041, 2012
Internet gaming disorder: Investigating the clinical relevance of a new phenomenon
AK Przybylski, N Weinstein, K Murayama
American Journal of Psychiatry 174 (3), 230-236, 2017
A self‐determination theory approach to understanding stress incursion and responses
N Weinstein, RM Ryan
Stress and Health 27 (1), 4-17, 2011
Undermining quality teaching and learning: A self-determination theory perspective on high-stakes testing
RM Ryan, N Weinstein
Theory and research in education 7 (2), 224-233, 2009
The index of autonomous functioning: Development of a scale of human autonomy
N Weinstein, AK Przybylski, RM Ryan
Journal of Research in Personality 46 (4), 397-413, 2012
The ideal self at play: The appeal of video games that let you be all you can be
AK Przybylski, N Weinstein, K Murayama, MF Lynch, RM Ryan
Psychological science 23 (1), 69-76, 2012
Having to versus wanting to play: Background and consequences of harmonious versus obsessive engagement in video games
AK Przybylski, N Weinstein, RM Ryan, CS Rigby
CyberPsychology & Behavior 12 (5), 485-492, 2009
Violent video game engagement is not associated with adolescents' aggressive behaviour: Evidence from a registered report
AK Przybylski, N Weinstein
Royal Society open science 6 (2), 171474, 2019
Motivational determinants of integrating positive and negative past identities.
N Weinstein, EL Deci, RM Ryan
Journal of personality and social psychology 100 (3), 527, 2011
Use caution when applying behavioural science to policy
H IJzerman, NA Lewis Jr, AK Przybylski, N Weinstein, L DeBruine, ...
Nature Human Behaviour 4 (11), 1092-1094, 2020
Digital screen time limits and young children's psychological well‐being: Evidence from a population‐based study
AK Przybylski, N Weinstein
Child development 90 (1), e56-e65, 2019
Coming out as lesbian, gay, or bisexual: The lasting impact of initial disclosure experiences
WS Ryan, N Legate, N Weinstein
Self and Identity 14 (5), 549-569, 2015
Parental autonomy support and discrepancies between implicit and explicit sexual identities: Dynamics of self-acceptance and defense.
N Weinstein, WS Ryan, CR DeHaan, AK Przybylski, N Legate, RM Ryan
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 102 (4), 815, 2012
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