Jonas Zipfel
Jonas Zipfel
Postdoc of Physics
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Dielectric disorder in two-dimensional materials
A Raja, L Waldecker, J Zipfel, Y Cho, S Brem, JD Ziegler, M Kulig, ...
Nature nanotechnology 14 (9), 832-837, 2019
Exciton diffusion and halo effects in monolayer semiconductors
M Kulig, J Zipfel, P Nagler, S Blanter, C Schüller, T Korn, N Paradiso, ...
Physical review letters 120 (20), 207401, 2018
Exciton diffusion in monolayer semiconductors with suppressed disorder
J Zipfel, M Kulig, R Perea-Causín, S Brem, JD Ziegler, R Rosati, ...
Physical Review B 101 (11), 115430, 2020
Exciton propagation and halo formation in two-dimensional materials
R Perea-Causin, S Brem, R Rosati, R Jago, M Kulig, JD Ziegler, J Zipfel, ...
Nano letters 19 (10), 7317-7323, 2019
Intrinsic lifetime of higher excitonic states in tungsten diselenide monolayers
S Brem, J Zipfel, M Selig, A Raja, L Waldecker, JD Ziegler, T Taniguchi, ...
Nanoscale 11 (25), 12381-12387, 2019
Nonclassical Exciton Diffusion in Monolayer
K Wagner, J Zipfel, R Rosati, E Wietek, JD Ziegler, S Brem, ...
Physical Review Letters 127 (7), 076801, 2021
Spatial extent of the excited exciton states in monolayers from diamagnetic shifts
J Zipfel, J Holler, AA Mitioglu, MV Ballottin, P Nagler, AV Stier, T Taniguchi, ...
Physical Review B 98 (7), 075438, 2018
Fast and anomalous exciton diffusion in two-dimensional hybrid perovskites
JD Ziegler, J Zipfel, B Meisinger, M Menahem, X Zhu, T Taniguchi, ...
Nano Letters 20 (9), 6674-6681, 2020
Dielectric engineering of electronic correlations in a van der Waals heterostructure
P Steinleitner, P Merkl, A Graf, P Nagler, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, ...
Nano letters 18 (2), 1402-1409, 2018
Autoionization and Dressing of Excited Excitons by Free Carriers in Monolayer
K Wagner, E Wietek, JD Ziegler, MA Semina, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, ...
Physical review letters 125 (26), 267401, 2020
Narrow-band high-lying excitons with negative-mass electrons in monolayer WSe2
KQ Lin, CS Ong, S Bange, PE Faria Junior, B Peng, JD Ziegler, J Zipfel, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 5500, 2021
Hyperspectral imaging of exciton confinement within a moiré unit cell with a subnanometer electron probe
S Susarla, MH Naik, DD Blach, J Zipfel, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, ...
Science 378 (6625), 1235-1239, 2022
Temporal evolution of low-temperature phonon sidebands in transition metal dichalcogenides
R Rosati, K Wagner, S Brem, R Perea-Causin, E Wietek, J Zipfel, ...
ACS Photonics 7 (10), 2756-2764, 2020
Electron recoil effect in electrically tunable monolayers
J Zipfel, K Wagner, MA Semina, JD Ziegler, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, ...
Physical Review B 105 (7), 075311, 2022
Interlayer exciton valley polarization dynamics in large magnetic fields
J Holler, M Selig, M Kempf, J Zipfel, P Nagler, M Katzer, F Katsch, ...
Physical Review B 105 (8), 085303, 2022
Light–matter coupling and non-equilibrium dynamics of exchange-split trions in monolayer WS2
J Zipfel, K Wagner, JD Ziegler, T Taniguchi, K Watanabe, MA Semina, ...
The Journal of Chemical Physics 153 (3), 2020
Complete polarization of electronic spins in OLEDs
T Scharff, W Ratzke, J Zipfel, P Klemm, S Bange, JM Lupton
Nature communications 12 (1), 2071, 2021
Non-equilibrium diffusion of dark excitons in atomically thin semiconductors
R Rosati, K Wagner, S Brem, R Perea-Causín, JD Ziegler, J Zipfel, ...
Nanoscale 13 (47), 19966-19972, 2021
Valley-magnetophonon resonance for interlayer excitons
DS Smirnov, J Holler, M Kempf, J Zipfel, P Nagler, MV Ballottin, ...
2D Materials 9 (4), 045016, 2022
Phason-mediated interlayer exciton diffusion in WS2/WSe2 moir\'e heterostructure
A Rossi, J Zipfel, I Maity, M Lorenzon, L Francaviglia, EC Regan, Z Zhang, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2301.07750, 2023
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