Prof. Ali Miserez
Prof. Ali Miserez
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological
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The stomatopod dactyl club: a formidable damage-tolerant biological hammer
JC Weaver, GW Milliron, A Miserez, K Evans-Lutterodt, S Herrera, ...
Science 336 (6086), 1275-1280, 2012
The transition from stiff to compliant materials in squid beaks
A Miserez, T Schneberk, C Sun, FW Zok, JH Waite
Science 319 (5871), 1816-1819, 2008
Preventing mussel adhesion using lubricant-infused materials
S Amini, S Kolle, L Petrone, O Ahanotu, S Sunny, CN Sutanto, S Hoon, ...
Science 357 (6352), 668-673, 2017
Analysis of an ultra hard magnetic biomineral in chiton radular teeth
JC Weaver, Q Wang, A Miserez, A Tantuccio, R Stromberg, KN Bozhilov, ...
Materials Today 13 (1-2), 42-52, 2010
Accelerating the design of biomimetic materials by integrating RNA-seq with proteomics and materials science
PA Guerette, S Hoon, Y Seow, M Raida, A Masic, FT Wong, VHB Ho, ...
Nature biotechnology 31 (10), 908-915, 2013
An underwater surface‐drying peptide inspired by a mussel adhesive protein
W Wei, L Petrone, YP Tan, H Cai, JN Israelachvili, A Miserez, JH Waite
Advanced functional materials 26 (20), 3496-3507, 2016
Mussel adhesion is dictated by time-regulated secretion and molecular conformation of mussel adhesive proteins
L Petrone, A Kumar, CN Sutanto, NJ Patil, S Kannan, A Palaniappan, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8737, 2015
Infiltration of chitin by protein coacervates defines the squid beak mechanical gradient
YP Tan, S Hoon, PA Guerette, W Wei, A Ghadban, C Hao, A Miserez, ...
Nature chemical biology 11 (7), 488-495, 2015
Effects of laminate architecture on fracture resistance of sponge biosilica: Lessons from nature
A Miserez, JC Weaver, PJ Thurner, J Aizenberg, Y Dauphin, P Fratzl, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 18 (8), 1241-1248, 2008
Property maps for abrasion resistance of materials
FW Zok, A Miserez
Acta materialia 55 (18), 6365-6371, 2007
The role of quasi-plasticity in the extreme contact damage tolerance of the stomatopod dactyl club
S Amini, M Tadayon, S Idapalapati, A Miserez
Nature materials 14 (9), 943-950, 2015
Jumbo squid beaks: inspiration for design of robust organic composites
A Miserez, Y Li, JH Waite, F Zok
Acta Biomaterialia 3 (1), 139-149, 2007
White light-emitting multistimuli-responsive hydrogels with lanthanides and carbon dots
Q Zhu, L Zhang, K Van Vliet, A Miserez, N Holten-Andersen
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (12), 10409-10418, 2018
Phase-separating peptides for direct cytosolic delivery and redox-activated release of macromolecular therapeutics
Y Sun, SY Lau, ZW Lim, SC Chang, F Ghadessy, A Partridge, A Miserez
Nature Chemistry 14 (3), 274-283, 2022
Hydrogen bond guidance and aromatic stacking drive liquid-liquid phase separation of intrinsically disordered histidine-rich peptides
B Gabryelczyk, H Cai, X Shi, Y Sun, PJM Swinkels, S Salentinig, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 5465, 2019
Textured fluorapatite bonded to calcium sulphate strengthen stomatopod raptorial appendages
S Amini, A Masic, L Bertinetti, JS Teguh, JS Herrin, X Zhu, H Su, ...
Nature Communications 5 (1), 3187, 2014
Microstructural and biochemical characterization of the nanoporous sucker rings from Dosidicus gigas
A Miserez, JC Weaver, PB Pedersen, T Schneeberk, RT Hanlon, ...
Advanced Materials 21 (4), 401-406, 2009
A double‐layer mechanochromic hydrogel with multidirectional force sensing and encryption capability
Q Zhu, K Van Vliet, N Holten‐Andersen, A Miserez
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (14), 1808191, 2019
Cross-linking chemistry of squid beak
A Miserez, D Rubin, JH Waite
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (49), 38115-38124, 2010
Nanoconfined β-sheets mechanically reinforce the supra-biomolecular network of robust squid sucker ring teeth
PA Guerette, S Hoon, D Ding, S Amini, A Masic, V Ravi, B Venkatesh, ...
ACS nano 8 (7), 7170-7179, 2014
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