Qiang Gao
Qiang Gao
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Genomic variation in 3,010 diverse accessions of Asian cultivated rice
W Wang, R Mauleon, Z Hu, D Chebotarov, S Tai, Z Wu, M Li, T Zheng, ...
Nature 557 (7703), 43-49, 2018
An efficient molybdenum disulfide/cobalt diselenide hybrid catalyst for electrochemical hydrogen generation
MR Gao, JX Liang, YR Zheng, YF Xu, J Jiang, Q Gao, J Li, SH Yu
Nature communications 6 (1), 5982, 2015
Genome Sequencing and Comparative Transcriptomics of the Model Entomopathogenic Fungi Metarhizium anisopliae and M. acridum
Q Gao, K Jin, SH Ying, Y Zhang, G Xiao, Y Shang, Z Duan, X Hu, XQ Xie, ...
PLoS genetics 7 (1), e1001264, 2011
Visible quantum dot light-emitting diodes with simultaneous high brightness and efficiency
H Shen, Q Gao, Y Zhang, Y Lin, Q Lin, Z Li, L Chen, Z Zeng, X Li, Y Jia, ...
Nature Photonics 13 (3), 192-197, 2019
Cytosine, but not adenine, base editors induce genome-wide off-target mutations in rice
S Jin, Y Zong, Q Gao, Z Zhu, Y Wang, P Qin, C Liang, D Wang, JL Qiu, ...
Science 364 (6437), 292-295, 2019
Recent advances about metal–organic frameworks in the removal of pollutants from wastewater
Q Gao, J Xu, XH Bu
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 378, 17-31, 2019
Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Supported CoSe2 Nanobelt Composite Catalyst for Efficient Water Oxidation
MR Gao, X Cao, Q Gao, YF Xu, YR Zheng, J Jiang, SH Yu
ACS nano 8 (4), 3970-3978, 2014
Biomass-derived nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots: highly selective fluorescent probe for detecting Fe3+ ions and tetracyclines
H Qi, M Teng, M Liu, S Liu, J Li, H Yu, C Teng, Z Huang, H Liu, Q Shao, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 539, 332-341, 2019
“Superaerophobic” nickel phosphide nanoarray catalyst for efficient hydrogen evolution at ultrahigh current densities
X Yu, ZY Yu, XL Zhang, YR Zheng, Y Duan, Q Gao, R Wu, B Sun, MR Gao, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (18), 7537-7543, 2019
Nanoscale covalent organic frameworks as smart carriers for drug delivery
L Bai, SZF Phua, WQ Lim, A Jana, Z Luo, HP Tham, L Zhao, Q Gao, ...
Chemical communications 52 (22), 4128-4131, 2016
Achieving superior electromagnetic wave absorbers through the novel metal-organic frameworks derived magnetic porous carbon nanorods
N Wu, D Xu, Z Wang, F Wang, J Liu, W Liu, Q Shao, H Liu, Q Gao, Z Guo
Carbon 145, 433-444, 2019
Doping-induced structural phase transition in cobalt diselenide enables enhanced hydrogen evolution catalysis
YR Zheng, P Wu, MR Gao, XL Zhang, FY Gao, HX Ju, R Wu, Q Gao, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 2533, 2018
Exploring the large voltage range of carbon/carbon supercapacitors in aqueous lithium sulfate electrolyte
Q Gao, L Demarconnay, E Raymundo-Piñero, F Béguin
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (11), 9611-9617, 2012
A janus nickel cobalt phosphide catalyst for high‐efficiency neutral‐pH water splitting
R Wu, B Xiao, Q Gao, YR Zheng, XS Zheng, JF Zhu, MR Gao, SH Yu
Angewandte Chemie 130 (47), 15671-15675, 2018
An efficient CeO2/CoSe2 Nanobelt composite for electrochemical water oxidation.
YR Zheng, MR Gao, Q Gao, HH Li, J Xu, ZY Wu, SH Yu
Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 11 (2), 182-188, 2014
A route to de novo domestication of wild allotetraploid rice
H Yu, T Lin, X Meng, H Du, J Zhang, G Liu, M Chen, Y Jing, L Kou, X Li, ...
Cell 184 (5), 1156-1170. e14, 2021
Magnetic retrieval of graphene: extraction of sulfonamide antibiotics from environmental water samples
YB Luo, ZG Shi, Q Gao, YQ Feng
Journal of Chromatography A 1218 (10), 1353-1358, 2011
The tartary buckwheat genome provides insights into rutin biosynthesis and abiotic stress tolerance
L Zhang, X Li, B Ma, Q Gao, H Du, Y Han, Y Li, Y Cao, M Qi, Y Zhu, H Lu, ...
Molecular plant 10 (9), 1224-1237, 2017
A chiral lanthanide metal–organic framework for selective sensing of Fe (III) ions
XL Zhao, D Tian, Q Gao, HW Sun, J Xu, XH Bu
Dalton Transactions 45 (3), 1040-1046, 2016
Pan-genome analysis of 33 genetically diverse rice accessions reveals hidden genomic variations
P Qin, H Lu, H Du, H Wang, W Chen, Z Chen, Q He, S Ou, H Zhang, X Li, ...
Cell 184 (13), 3542-3558. e16, 2021
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