Reinhard Zetter
Reinhard Zetter
Professor of Paleobotany/Palynology
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Pollen terminology. An illustrated handbook
R Grant-Downton
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Illustrated pollen terminology
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Episodic migration of oaks to Iceland: Evidence for a North Atlantic “land bridge” in the latest Miocene
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Methodik und Bedeutung einer routinemaBig kombinierten lichtmikroskopischen und rasterelektronmikroskopischen Untersuchung Fossiler Mikrofloren
R Zetter
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The need for the SEM in palaeopalynology
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Assessing the fossil record of asterids in the context of our current phylogenetic framework
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Die Primatenfundstelle Götzendorf an der Leitha (Obermiozän des Wiener Beckens, Niederösterreich)
F Rögl, H Zapfe, RL Bernor, RL Brzobohaty, G Daxner-Höck, I Draxler, ...
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Cretaceous and Paleogene Fagaceae from North America and Greenland: evidence for a Late Cretaceous split between Fagus and the remaining Fagaceae
F Grímsson, GW Grimm, R Zetter, T Denk
Acta Palaeobotanica 56 (2), 247-305, 2016
Lower Miocene leaf, palynomorph, and diaspore assemblages from the base of the lignite-bearing sequence in the opencast mine Oberdorf, N Voitsberg (Styria, Austria) as an …
B Meller, J Kovar-Eder, R Zetter
Palaeontographica Abteilung B 252 (5-6), 123-179, 1999
A multidisciplinary approach to reconstruct the Late Oligocene vegetation in central Europe
RA Gastaldo, W Riegel, W Püttmann, UG Linnemann, R Zetter
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Combined LM and SEM study of the middle Miocene (Sarmatian) palynoflora from the Lavanttal Basin, Austria: part IV. Magnoliophyta 2–Fagales to Rosales
FĐ Grímsson, GW Grimm, B Meller, JM Bouchal, R Zetter
Grana 55 (2), 101-163, 2016
Combined LM and SEM study of the middle Miocene (Sarmatian) palynoflora from the Lavanttal Basin, Austria: part II. Pinophyta (Cupressaceae, Pinaceae and Sciadopityaceae)
F Grímsson, R Zetter
Grana 50 (4), 262-310, 2011
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