Ezra Bussmann
Ezra Bussmann
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Dynamics of solid thin-film dewetting in the silicon-on-insulator system
E Bussmann, F Cheynis, F Leroy, P Müller, O Pierre-Louis
New Journal of Physics 13 (4), 043017, 2011
Dewetting dynamics of silicon-on-insulator thin films
F Cheynis, E Bussmann, F Leroy, T Passanante, P Müller
Physical Review B 84 (24), 245439, 2011
Sub-10 nm lateral spatial resolution in scanning capacitance microscopy achieved with solid platinum probes
E Bussmann, CC Williams
Review of scientific instruments 75 (2), 422-425, 2004
Single-electron tunneling force spectroscopy of an individual electronic state in a nonconducting surface
E Bussmann, CC Williams
Applied physics letters 88 (26), 263108, 2006
Single-electron tunneling to insulator surfaces measured by frequency detection electrostatic force microscopy
E Bussmann, DJ Kim, CC Williams
Applied physics letters 85 (13), 2538-2540, 2004
Atomic precision advanced manufacturing for digital electronics
DR Ward, SW Schmucker, EM Anderson, E Bussmann, L Tracy, TM Lu, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.11003, 2020
All-optical lithography process for contacting nanometer precision donor devices
DR Ward, MT Marshall, DM Campbell, TM Lu, JC Koepke, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (19), 193101, 2017
Scanning capacitance microscopy registration of buried atomic-precision donor devices
E Bussmann, M Rudolph, GS Subramania, S Misra, SM Carr, E Langlois, ...
Nanotechnology 26 (8), 085701, 2015
Thermal instability of silicon-on-insulator thin films measured by low-energy electron microscopy
E Bussmann, F Cheynis, F Leroy, P Müller
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 12 (1), 012016, 2010
Stress effects on solid–state dewetting of nano–thin films
F Cheynis, E Bussmann, F Leroy, T Passanante, P Müller
International journal of nanotechnology 9 (3-7), 396-411, 2012
Single-electron manipulation to and from a surface by electrostatic force microscopy
E Bussmann, N Zheng, CC Williams
Applied Physics Letters 86 (16), 163109, 2005
One-Dimensional Defect-Mediated Diffusion of Si Adatoms on the Surface
E Bussmann, S Bockenhauer, FJ Himpsel, BS Swartzentruber
Physical Review Letters 101 (26), 266101, 2008
Imaging of localized electronic states at a nonconducting surface by single-electron tunneling force microscopy
EB Bussmann, N Zheng, CC Williams
Nano letters 6 (11), 2577-2580, 2006
Determining the resolution of scanning microwave impedance microscopy using atomic-precision buried donor structures
DA Scrymgeour, A Baca, K Fishgrab, RJ Simonson, M Marshall, ...
Applied Surface Science 423, 1097-1102, 2017
Nonequilibrium diffusion of reactive solid islands
F Leroy, Y Saito, F Cheynis, E Bussmann, O Pierre-Louis, P Müller
Physical Review B 89 (23), 235406, 2014
Catalytically enhanced thermal decomposition of chemically grown silicon oxide layers on Si (001)
F Leroy, T Passanante, F Cheynis, S Curiotto, EB Bussmann, P Müller
Applied Physics Letters 108 (11), 111601, 2016
Atomic-precision advanced manufacturing for Si quantum computing
E Bussmann, RE Butera, JHG Owen, JN Randall, SM Rinaldi, ...
MRS Bulletin 46 (7), 607-615, 2021
A model for atomic precision p-type doping with diborane on Si (100)-2× 1
Q Campbell, JA Ivie, E Bussmann, SW Schmucker, AD Baczewski, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125 (1), 481-488, 2021
Ge diffusion at the Si (100) surface
E Bussmann, BS Swartzentruber
Physical review letters 104 (12), 126101, 2010
A three-dimensional model of single-electron tunneling between a conductive probe and a localized electronic state in a dielectric
N Zheng, CC Williams, EG Mishchenko, E Bussmann
Journal of applied physics 101 (9), 093702, 2007
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