Laura Ricci
Laura Ricci
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa
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Blockchain based access control
D Di Francesco Maesa, P Mori, L Ricci
IFIP international conference on distributed applications and interoperable …, 2017
Cloud federations in contrail
E Carlini, M Coppola, P Dazzi, L Ricci, G Righetti
European conference on parallel processing, 159-168, 2011
A blockchain based approach for the definition of auditable access control systems
DDF Maesa, P Mori, L Ricci
Computers & Security 84, 93-119, 2019
Data-driven analysis of bitcoin properties: exploiting the users graph
D Di Francesco Maesa, A Marino, L Ricci
International Journal of Data Science and Analytics 6 (1), 63-80, 2018
Uncovering the bitcoin blockchain: an analysis of the full users graph
DDF Maesa, A Marino, L Ricci
2016 IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics …, 2016
A Blockchain Tokenizer for Industrial IOT trustless applications
D Mazzei, G Baldi, G Fantoni, G Montelisciani, A Pitasi, L Ricci, L Rizzello
Future Generation Computer Systems 105, 432-445, 2020
NG-DBSCAN: scalable density-based clustering for arbitrary data
A Lulli, M Dell'Amico, P Michiardi, L Ricci
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 10 (3), 157-168, 2016
DiDuSoNet: A P2P architecture for distributed Dunbar-based social networks
B Guidi, T Amft, A De Salve, K Graffi, L Ricci
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 9 (6), 1177-1194, 2016
A peer-to-peer recommender system for self-emerging user communities based on gossip overlays
R Baraglia, P Dazzi, M Mordacchini, L Ricci
Journal of Computer and System Sciences 79 (2), 291-308, 2013
Managing social contents in decentralized online social networks: a survey
B Guidi, M Conti, A Passarella, L Ricci
Online Social Networks and Media 7, 12-29, 2018
Blockchain based access control services
DDF Maesa, P Mori, L Ricci
2018 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (iThings) and IEEE …, 2018
The impact of user’s availability on on-line ego networks: a facebook analysis
A De Salve, M Dondio, B Guidi, L Ricci
Computer Communications 73, 211-218, 2016
Blockchains for covid-19 contact tracing and vaccine support: A systematic review
L Ricci, DDF Maesa, A Favenza, E Ferro
Ieee Access 9, 37936-37950, 2021
A p2p recommender system based on gossip overlays (prego)
M Mordacchini, R Baraglia, P Dazzi, L Ricci
2010 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information …, 2010
Backfilling strategies for scheduling streams of jobs on computational farms
R Baraglia, G Capannini, M Pasquali, D Puppin, L Ricci, AD Techiouba
Making Grids Work, 103-115, 2008
Detecting artificial behaviours in the bitcoin users graph
DDF Maesa, A Marino, L Ricci
Online Social Networks and Media 3, 63-74, 2017
Integrating peer-to-peer and cloud computing for massively multiuser online games
H Kavalionak, E Carlini, L Ricci, A Montresor, M Coppola
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 8 (2), 301-319, 2015
A survey on privacy in decentralized online social networks
A De Salve, P Mori, L Ricci
Computer Science Review 27, 154-176, 2018
Integration of P2P and clouds to support massively multiuser virtual environments
E Carlini, M Coppola, L Ricci
2010 9th Annual Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games, 1-6, 2010
Immediate denture fabrication: a clinical report
S Caputi, G Murmura, L Ricci, G Varvara, B Sinjari
Annali di stomatologia 4 (3-4), 273, 2013
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