Stanislav Gurbatov
Stanislav Gurbatov
Institute of Automation and Control Processes FEB RAS; Far Eastern Federal University
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Ion-beam assisted laser fabrication of sensing plasmonic nanostructures
A Kuchmizhak, S Gurbatov, O Vitrik, Y Kulchin, V Milichko, S Makarov, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-12, 2016
High-quality fiber microaxicons fabricated by a modified chemical etching method for laser focusing and generation of Bessel-like beams
A Kuchmizhak, S Gurbatov, A Nepomniaschii, O Vitrik, Y Kulchin
Applied optics 53 (5), 937-943, 2014
Room-temperature gas sensing of laser-modified anatase TiO2 decorated with Au nanoparticles
N Mintcheva, P Srinivasan, JBB Rayappan, AA Kuchmizhak, S Gurbatov, ...
Applied Surface Science 507, 145169, 2020
Simultaneous wavelength and orbital angular momentum demultiplexing using tunable MEMS-based Fabry-Perot filter
VS Lyubopytov, AP Porfirev, SO Gurbatov, S Paul, MF Schumann, J Cesar, ...
Optics express 25 (9), 9634-9646, 2017
Direct laser printing of tunable IR resonant nanoantenna arrays
D Pavlov, S Syubaev, A Kuchmizhak, S Gurbatov, O Vitrik, E Modin, ...
Applied Surface Science 469, 514-520, 2019
10-million-elements-per-second printing of infrared-resonant plasmonic arrays by multiplexed laser pulses
D Pavlov, S Gurbatov, SI Kudryashov, PA Danilov, AP Porfirev, ...
Optics letters 44 (2), 283-286, 2019
Fabrication of porous metal nanoparticles and microbumps by means of nanosecond laser pulses focused through the fiber microaxicon
A Kuchmizhak, S Gurbatov, Y Kulchin, O Vitrik
Optics express 22 (16), 19149-19155, 2014
Plasmonic nanolenses produced by cylindrical vector beam printing for sensing applications
SA Syubaev, AY Zhizhchenko, DV Pavlov, SO Gurbatov, EV Pustovalov, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-8, 2019
Plasmon mode excitation and photoluminescence enhancement on silver nanoring
AA Kuchmizhak, SO Gurbatov, YN Kulchin, OB Vitrik
Optics Communications 356, 1-6, 2015
Hydrodynamic instabilities of thin Au/Pd alloy film induced by tightly focused femtosecond laser pulses
A Kuchmizhak, S Gurbatov, A Nepomniaschiy, A Mayor, Y Kulchin, ...
Applied Surface Science 337, 224-229, 2015
Effect of small variations in the refractive index of the ambient medium on the spectrum of a bent fibre-optic Fabry—Perot interferometer
YN Kulchin, OB Vitrik, SO Gurbatov
Quantum Electronics 41 (9), 821, 2011
Mapping the refractive index with single plasmonic nanoantenna
S Gurbatov, O Vitrik, Y Kulchin, A Kuchmizhak
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-9, 2018
Surface plasmon resonance excitation in a bent single-mode optical fiber with metal-coated cladding: Numerical simulation
YN Kulchin, OB Vitrik, AV Dyshlyuk, SO Gurbatov, G Lu
Technical Physics Letters 40 (12), 1107-1110, 2014
ZnO@ graphene oxide core@ shell nanoparticles prepared via one-pot approach based on laser ablation in water
P Shankar, MQH Ishak, JK Padarti, N Mintcheva, S Iwamori, SO Gurbatov, ...
Applied Surface Science 531, 147365, 2020
Black Au-Decorated TiO2 Produced via Laser Ablation in Liquid
SO Gurbatov, E Modin, V Puzikov, P Tonkaev, D Storozhenko, A Sergeev, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (5), 6522-6531, 2021
Laser-induced surface relief nanocrowns as a manifestation of nanoscale Rayleigh-Plateau hydrodynamic instability
DV Pavlov, SO Gurbatov, SI Kudryashov, EL Gurevich, AA Kuchmizhak
Applied Surface Science 511, 145463, 2020
Single-shot laser-assisted nanofabrication of plasmonic nanorings
AV Nepomnyashchii, AA Kuchmizhak, SO Gurbatov, OB Vitrik, YN Kulchin
Physics Procedia 86, 3-10, 2017
MEMS-based wavelength and orbital angular momentum demultiplexer for on-chip applications
VS Lyubopytov, AP Porfirev, SO Gurbatov, S Paul, MF Schumann, J Cesar, ...
The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CK_3_5, 2017
Phase singularities and optical vortices in photonics
AP Porfirev, AA Kuchmizhak, SO Gurbatov, S Juodkazis, SN Khonina, ...
Phys. Uspekhi 8, 64, 2021
A method of measuring flexural strains with the use of fiber-optic waveguides with low relative frequency
YN Kulchin, OB Vitrik, AV Dyshlyuk, SO Gurbatov
Measurement techniques 53 (2), 184-187, 2010
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