marjori matzke
marjori matzke
Emeritus Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica
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A uniform system for microRNA annotation
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Epigenetics: regulation through repression
AP Wolffe, MA Matzke
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RNA-directed DNA methylation: an epigenetic pathway of increasing complexity
M Matzke, M RA
Nature Reviews Genetics 15, 394-408, 2014
How and why do plants inactivate homologous (trans) genes?
MA Matzke, AJM Matzke
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Reversible methylation and inactivation of marker genes in sequentially transformed tobacco plants
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Role of the DRM and CMT3 methyltransferases in RNA-directed DNA methylation
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RNA: guiding gene silencing
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Listening to the silent genes: transgene silencing, gene regulation and pathogen control
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Position effects and epigenetic silencing of plant transgenes
AJM Matzke, MA Matzke
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Trends in genetics: TIG 13 (8), 293-295, 1997
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