Israel Marques II
Israel Marques II
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, National Research University - Higher School
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Substituting Distribution for Growth: The Political Logic of Intergovernmental Transfers in the Russian Federation
I Marques II, E Nazrullaeva, A Yakovlev
Economics & Politics 28 (1), 23-54, 2016
Uncertainty as a factor in investment decisions: the case of the Russian Federation's regions
I Levina, G Kisunko, I Marques, AA Yakovlev
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2016
The political roots of intermediated lobbying: evidence from Russian enterprises and business associations
A Govorun, I Marques II, W Pyle
Business and Politics 18 (4), 395-433, 2016
The Reform of Skill Formation in Russia: Regional Responses
TF Remington, I Marques
Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 19, 2014
Institutional Quality and Individual Preferences for Social Policy
I Marques
American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. San Francisco …, 2015
Political Institutions and Preferences for Social Policy in the Post-communist World
II Marques
Columbia University, 2016
Who Wants to Level the Field: Political Institutions, the Market, and Redistribution
I Marques
Columbia University, New York, 2013
Firms and social policy preferences under weak institutions: Evidence from Russia
I Marques
BOFIT Discussion Paper, 2018
Political Connections and Non-Traditional Investment: Evidence from Public-Private Partnerships in Vocational Education
I Marques
Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 56, 2017
Vocational Education and the Practice of Public-Private Partnerships in Russia's Regions
I Marques II
Journal of the New Economic Association 36 (4), 198-207, 2017
Through Thick and Through Thin: Economic Shocks, Transfers and Strategic Priorities in Russia
T Frye, I Marques, E Nazrullaeva, D Ivanov, A Yakovlev
NRU HSE preprints, 2015
Calling the cavalry: firm-level investment in the face of decentralized expropriation
I Marques, I Levina, A Kazun, A Yakovlev
Journal of Institutional Economics, 1-16, 0
Encouraging skill development: Evidence from public-private partnerships in education in Russia's regions
I Marques, T Remington, V Bazavliuk
European Journal of Political Economy, 101888, 2020
Partnerships for skill development in Russia
TF Remington, I Marques
Post-Communist Economies 32 (1), 1-23, 2020
Priobretenie i vybor partnerov
I Marques II
Training Strategies and Skill Development Amid Weak Institutions: Evidence from Russia
I Marques
Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 52, 2017
Institutional Quality and Social Policy Preferences: Experimental Evidence
I Marques II, JB Schaffer, SW Sokhey
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