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rajeev ahuja
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Ferromagnetism above room temperature in bulk and transparent thin films of Mn-doped ZnO
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Electronic, bonding, and optical properties of CeO 2 and Ce 2 O 3 from first principles
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The hardest known oxide
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Experimental evidence for sub-3-fs charge transfer from an aromatic adsorbate to a semiconductor
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Strain engineering for phosphorene: the potential application as a photocatalyst
B Sa, YL Li, J Qi, R Ahuja, Z Sun
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Defect Engineered g-C3N4 for Efficient Visible Light Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
Q Tay, P Kanhere, CF Ng, S Chen, S Chakraborty, ACH Huan, TC Sum, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (14), 4930-4933, 2015
Phonon related properties of transition metals, their carbides, and nitrides: A first-principles study
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Review of two-dimensional materials for photocatalytic water splitting from a theoretical perspective
Y Li, YL Li, B Sa, R Ahuja
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The importance of strong carbon− metal adhesion for catalytic nucleation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
F Ding, P Larsson, JA Larsson, R Ahuja, H Duan, A Rosén, K Bolton
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Physisorption of nucleobases on graphene: Density-functional calculations
S Gowtham, RH Scheicher, R Ahuja, R Pandey, SP Karna
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Structure of phase change materials for data storage
Z Sun, J Zhou, R Ahuja
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Hydrogen storage materials for mobile and stationary applications: current state of the art
Q Lai, M Paskevicius, DA Sheppard, CE Buckley, AW Thornton, MR Hill, ...
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Cubic Hf 3 N 4 and Zr 3 N 4: A class of hard materials
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Design of High-Efficiency Visible-Light Photocatalysts for Water Splitting: MoS2/AlN(GaN) Heterostructures
J Liao, B Sa, J Zhou, R Ahuja, Z Sun
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Structural, elastic, and high-pressure properties of cubic TiC, TiN, and TiO
R Ahuja, O Eriksson, JM Wills, B Johansson
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Quasi–Ab Initio Molecular Dynamic Study of Fe Melting
AB Belonoshko, R Ahuja, B Johansson
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Single-layer MoS 2 as an efficient photocatalyst
Y Li, YL Li, CM Araujo, W Luo, R Ahuja
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Terahertz plasmonics: The rise of toroidal metadevices towards immunobiosensings
A Ahmadivand, B Gerislioglu, R Ahuja, YK Mishra
Materials Today 32, 108-130, 2020
phases in the system studied by thin-film synthesis and ab initio calculations
JP Palmquist, S Li, POÅ Persson, J Emmerlich, O Wilhelmsson, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 70 (16), 165401, 2004
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