Robert B Weladji
Robert B Weladji
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2016 Guidelines of the American Society of Mammalogists for the use of wild mammals in research and education
RS Sikes, ...
Journal of mammalogy 97 (3), 663-688, 2016
Conflict between people and protected areas within the Bénoué Wildlife Conservation Area, North Cameroon
RB Weladji, MN Tchamba
Oryx 37 (1), 72-79, 2003
The relative role of winter and spring conditions: linking climate and landscape-scale plant phenology to alpine reindeer body mass
N Pettorelli, RB Weladji, Ø Holand, A Mysterud, H Breie, NC Stenseth
Biology letters 1 (1), 24-26, 2005
Effects of anthropogenic fire history on savanna vegetation in northeastern Namibia
A Sheuyange, G Oba, RB Weladji
Journal of Environmental management 75 (3), 189-198, 2005
Stakeholder attitudes towards wildlife policy and the Benoue Wildlife Conservation area, North Cameroon
RB Weladji, SR Moe, P Vedeld
Environmental conservation 30 (4), 334-343, 2003
An assessment of restoration of biodiversity in degraded high mountain grazing lands in northern Ethiopia
DT Asefa, G Oba, RB Weladji, JE Colman
Land degradation & development 14 (1), 25-38, 2003
Use of climatic data to assess the effect of insect harassment on the autumn weight of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) calves
RB Weladji, Ø Holand, T Almøy
Journal of zoology 260 (1), 79-85, 2003
Heterogeneity in individual quality overrides costs of reproduction in female reindeer
RB Weladji, A Loison, JM Gaillard, Ø Holand, A Mysterud, NG Yoccoz, ...
Oecologia 156, 237-247, 2008
Global climate change and reindeer: effects of winter weather on the autumn weight and growth of calves
RB Weladji, Ø Holand
Oecologia 136, 317-323, 2003
Use of indigenous ecological knowledge of the Maasai pastoralists for assessing rangeland biodiversity in Tanzania
AL Mapinduzi, G Oba, RB Weladji, JE Colman
African journal of Ecology 41 (4), 329-336, 2003
Good reindeer mothers live longer and become better in raising offspring
RB Weladji, JM Gaillard, NG Yoccoz, Ø Holand, A Mysterud, A Loison, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 273 (1591), 1239-1244, 2006
Constraints to projecting the effects of climate change on mammals
D Berteaux, MM Humphries, CJ Krebs, M Lima, AG McAdam, N Pettorelli, ...
Climate Research 32 (2), 151-158, 2006
Feedback effects of chronic browsing on life-history traits of a large herbivore
MA Simard, SD Côté, RB Weladji, J Huot
Journal of Animal Ecology, 678-686, 2008
Comparative response of Rangifer tarandus and other northern ungulates to climatic variability
RB Weladji, DR Klein, Ø Holand, A Mysterud
Rangifer 22 (1), 33-50, 2002
Variation in calf body mass in migratory caribou: the role of habitat, climate, and movements
S Couturier, SD Côté, RD Otto, RB Weladji, J Huot
Journal of Mammalogy 90 (2), 442-452, 2009
Social rank in female reindeer (Rangifer tarandus): effects of body mass, antler size and age
Ø Holand, H Gjøstein, A Losvar, J Kumpula, ME Smith, KH Røed, ...
Journal of Zoology 263 (4), 365-372, 2004
Age-related reproductive effort in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus): evidence of senescence
RB Weladji, A Mysterud, Ø Holand, D Lenvik
Oecologia 131, 79-82, 2002
Age-specific changes in different components of reproductive output in female reindeer: terminal allocation or senescence?
RB Weladji, Ø Holand, JM Gaillard, NG Yoccoz, A Mysterud, M Nieminen, ...
Oecologia 162, 261-271, 2010
The role of area enclosures and fallow age in the restoration of plant diversity in northern Ethiopia
MH Abebe, G Oba, A Angassa, RB Weladji
African journal of ecology 44 (4), 507-514, 2006
Adaptive adjustment of offspring sex ratio and maternal reproductive effort in an iteroparous mammal
Ø Holand, A Mysterud, KH Røed, T Coulson, H Gjøstein, RB Weladji, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 273 (1584), 293-299, 2006
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