Amedeo Napoli
Amedeo Napoli
Senior researcher in computer science, LORIA (CNRS - Inria - U. Lorraine), Nancy
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Mining gene expression data with pattern structures in formal concept analysis
M Kaytoue, SO Kuznetsov, A Napoli, S Duplessis
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L Szathmary, A Napoli, P Valtchev
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Les langages à objets: langages de classes, langages de frames, langages d'acteurs
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S Benabderrahmane, M Smail-Tabbone, O Poch, A Napoli, MD Devignes
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M Kaytoue, SO Kuznetsov, A Napoli
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Une introduction aux logiques de descriptions
A Napoli
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M d'Aquin, F Badra, S Lafrogne, J Lieber, A Napoli, L Szathmary
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Feature selection methods for early predictive biomarker discovery using untargeted metabolomic data
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Adaptation knowledge acquisition: A case study for case‐based decision support in oncology
M d'Aquin, J Lieber, A Napoli
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R Bendaoud, A Napoli, Y Toussaint
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Analysis of social communities with iceberg and stability-based concept lattices
N Jay, F Kohler, A Napoli
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Two fca-based methods for mining gene expression data
M Kaytoue, S Duplessis, SO Kuznetsov, A Napoli
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Many-Valued Concept Lattices for Conceptual Clustering and Information Retrieval.
N Messai, MD Devignes, A Napoli, M Smail-Tabbone
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Efficient vertical mining of frequent closures and generators
L Szathmary, P Valtchev, A Napoli, R Godin
Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis VIII: 8th International Symposium on …, 2009
Zart: A multifunctional itemset mining algorithm
L Szathmary, A Napoli, SO Kuznetsov
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