Alexey A Shcherbakov
Alexey A Shcherbakov
ITMO University
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Directly grown crystalline gallium phosphide on sapphire for nonlinear all-dielectric nanophotonics
D Khmelevskaia, DI Markina, VV Fedorov, GA Ermolaev, AV Arsenin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 118 (20), 2021
New fast and memory-sparing method for rigorous electromagnetic analysis of 2D periodic dielectric structures
AA Shcherbakov, AV Tishchenko
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 113 (2), 158-171, 2012
Observation of Ultrafast Self-Action Effects in Quasi-BIC Resonant Metasurfaces
IS Sinev, K Koshelev, Z Liu, A Rudenko, K Ladutenko, A Shcherbakov, ...
Nano Letters 21 (20), 8848-8855, 2021
Bound states in the continuum in photonic structures
KL Koshelev, ZF Sadrieva, AA Shcherbakov, YS Kivshar, A Bogdanov
Physics–Uspekhi, 65, 2022
Multipolar engineering of subwavelength dielectric particles for scattering enhancement
S Krasikov, M Odit, D Dobrykh, I Yusupov, A Mikhailovskaya, D Shakirova, ...
Physical Review Applied 15 (2), 024052, 2021
Efficient curvilinear coordinate method for grating diffraction simulation
AA Shcherbakov, AV Tishchenko
Optics Express 21 (21), 25236-25247, 2013
Fast numerical method for modelling one-dimensional diffraction gratings
AA Shcherbakov, AV Tishchenko
Quantum Electronics 40 (6), 538, 2010
Generalized source method in curvilinear coordinates for 2D grating diffraction simulation
AA Shcherbakov, AV Tishchenko
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 187, 76-96, 2017
Rigorous S-matrix approach to the modeling of the optical properties of OLEDs
AA Shcherbakov, AV Tishchenko, DS Setz, BC Krummacher
Organic Electronics 12 (4), 654-659, 2011
Calculation of the electromagnetic scattering by non-spherical particles based on the volume integral equation in the spherical wave function basis
AA Shcherbakov
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 231, 102-114, 2019
Direct -matrix calculation for diffractive structures and metasurfaces
AA Shcherbakov, YV Stebunov, DF Baidin, T Kämpfe, Y Jourlin
Physical Review E 97 (6), 063301, 2018
Concurrency of anisotropy and spatial dispersion in low refractive index dielectric composites
AA Ushkov, AA Shcherbakov
Optics Express 25 (1), 243-249, 2017
Harnessing superdirectivity in dielectric spherical multilayer antennas
R Gaponenko, A Moroz, IL Rasskazov, K Ladutenko, A Shcherbakov, ...
Physical Review B 104 (19), 195406, 2021
Systematic study of resonant transmission effects in visible band using variable depth gratings
AA Ushkov, AA Shcherbakov, I Verrier, T Kampfe, Y Jourlin
Scientific reports 9 (1), 14890, 2019
3D periodic dielectric composite homogenization based on the generalized source method
AA Shcherbakov, AV Tishchenko
Journal of Optics 17 (6), 065101, 2015
Modeling the light scattering by nanoparticles of complex shape using the generalized source method
IM Akhmedzhanov, AV Tishchenko, AA Shcherbakov
Optics and Spectroscopy 105 (6), 950-955, 2008
Light scattering in plane dielectric layers: Modeling in the 2d reciprocal space
AA Shcherbakov, AV Tishchenko
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 113 (18), 2424-2430, 2012
Compensation of disorder for extraordinary optical transmission effect in nanopore arrays fabricated by nanosphere photolithography
A Ushkov, O Dellea, I Verrier, T Kampfe, A Shcherbakov, JY Michalon, ...
Optics Express 28 (25), 38049-38060, 2020
Curvilinear coordinate generalized source method for gratings with sharp edges
AA Shcherbakov
JOSA A 36 (8), 1402-1409, 2019
From colloidal CdSe quantum dots to microscale optically anisotropic supercrystals through bottom-up self-assembly
EV Ushakova, SA Cherevkov, DOA Volgina, VV Zakharov, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (47), 12904-12911, 2018
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