James Loomis, PhD
James Loomis, PhD
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Solar steam generation by heat localization
H Ghasemi, G Ni, AM Marconnet, J Loomis, S Yerci, N Miljkovic, G Chen
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-7, 2014
Concentrating solar power
LA Weinstein, J Loomis, B Bhatia, DM Bierman, EN Wang, G Chen
Chemical Reviews 115 (23), 12797-12838, 2015
Concentrating solar thermoelectric generators with a peak efficiency of 7.4%
D Kraemer, Q Jie, K McEnaney, F Cao, W Liu, LA Weinstein, J Loomis, ...
Nature Energy 1 (11), 1-8, 2016
Infrared-transparent visible-opaque fabrics for wearable personal thermal management
JK Tong, X Huang, SV Boriskina, J Loomis, Y Xu, G Chen
ACS Photonics 2 (6), 769-778, 2015
Charging-free electrochemical system for harvesting low-grade thermal energy
Y Yang, SW Lee, H Ghasemi, J Loomis, X Li, D Kraemer, G Zheng, Y Cui, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (48), 17011-17016, 2014
15.7% efficient 10‐μm‐thick crystalline silicon solar cells using periodic nanostructures
MS Branham, WC Hsu, S Yerci, J Loomis, SV Boriskina, BR Hoard, ...
Advanced materials 27 (13), 2182-2188, 2015
Graphene-nanoplatelet-based photomechanical actuators
J Loomis, B King, T Burkhead, P Xu, N Bessler, E Terentjev, ...
Nanotechnology 23 (4), 045501, 2012
Nanostructured polymer films with metal-like thermal conductivity
Y Xu, D Kraemer, B Song, Z Jiang, J Zhou, J Loomis, J Wang, M Li, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-8, 2019
Membrane-free battery for harvesting low-grade thermal energy
Y Yang, J Loomis, H Ghasemi, SW Lee, YJ Wang, Y Cui, G Chen
Nano letters 14 (11), 6578-6583, 2014
Graphene/elastomer composite-based photo-thermal nanopositioners
J Loomis, X Fan, F Khosravi, P Xu, M Fletcher, RW Cohn, ...
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-10, 2013
Load transfer and mechanical properties of chemically reduced graphene reinforcements in polymer composites
P Xu, J Loomis, RD Bradshaw, B Panchapakesan
Nanotechnology 23 (50), 505713, 2012
Layer dependent mechanical responses of graphene composites to near-infrared light
J Loomis, B King, B Panchapakesan
Applied Physics Letters 100 (7), 073108, 2012
A hybrid electric and thermal solar receiver
LA Weinstein, K McEnaney, E Strobach, S Yang, B Bhatia, L Zhao, ...
Joule 2 (5), 962-975, 2018
Dimensional dependence of photomechanical response in carbon nanostructure composites: a case for carbon-based mixed-dimensional systems
J Loomis, B Panchapakesan
Nanotechnology 23 (21), 215501, 2012
Continuous fabrication platform for highly aligned polymer films
J Loomis, H Ghasemi, X Huang, N Thoppey, J Wang, JK Tong, Y Xu, X Li, ...
Technology 2 (03), 189-199, 2014
Synergy among binary (MWNT, SLG) nano-carbons in polymer nano-composites: a Raman study
P Xu, J Loomis, B King, B Panchapakesan
Nanotechnology 23 (31), 315706, 2012
Empirical comparison of random and periodic surface light‐trapping structures for ultrathin silicon photovoltaics
MS Branham, WC Hsu, S Yerci, J Loomis, SV Boriskina, BR Hoard, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 4 (6), 858-863, 2016
Large photocurrents in single layer graphene thin films: effects of diffusion and drift
J Loomis, B Panchapakesan
Nanotechnology 23 (26), 265203, 2012
Micro-and nanotechnology approaches for capturing circulating tumor cells
B Panchapakesan, R Caprara, V Velasco, J Loomis, B King, P Xu, ...
Cancer nanotechnology 1 (1), 3-11, 2010
Stimuli-responsive transformation in carbon nanotube/expanding microsphere–polymer composites
J Loomis, P Xu, B Panchapakesan
Nanotechnology 24 (18), 185703, 2013
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