Chiara Paviolo
Chiara Paviolo
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Laser exposure of gold nanorods can increase neuronal cell outgrowth
C Paviolo, JW Haycock, J Yong, A Yu, PR Stoddart, SL McArthur
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Laser exposure of gold nanorods can induce intracellular calcium transients
C Paviolo, JW Haycock, PJ Cadusch, SL McArthur, PR Stoddart
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Temperature measurement in the microscopic regime: a comparison between fluorescence lifetime‐and intensity‐based methods
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Gold nanoparticles for modulating neuronal behavior
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Nanoparticle-enhanced infrared neural stimulation
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Nanoscale exploration of the extracellular space in the live brain by combining single carbon nanotube tracking and super-resolution imaging analysis
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Inhibiting EGFR clustering and cell proliferation with gold nanoparticles
C Paviolo, JWM Chon, AHA Clayton
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Synucleinopathy alters nanoscale organization and diffusion in the brain extracellular space through hyaluronan remodeling
FN Soria, C Paviolo, E Doudnikoff, ML Arotcarena, A Lee, N Danné, ...
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Metallic nanoparticles for peripheral nerve regeneration: is it a feasible approach?
C Paviolo, PR Stoddart
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Gold Nanorod-assisted Optical Stimulation of Neuronal Cells
C Paviolo, SL McArthur, PR Stoddart
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Plasmonic properties of gold nanoparticles can promote neuronal activity
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Angle cleaving optical fibers using a CO2laser
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35th Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology, 1-4, 2010
Effects of laser-exposed gold nanorods on biochemical pathways of neuronal cells
C Paviolo, JW Haycock, PR Stoddart, SL McArthur
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Near-infrared nanoscopy with carbon-based nanoparticles for the exploration of the brain extracellular space
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Intrinsically stealth fluorescent organic nanoparticles made of articulated bis-dipolar dyes for single particle tracking
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The effect of nanoparticles on the cluster size distributions of activated EGFR measured with photobleaching image correlation spectroscopy
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Stimulation of primary auditory neurons mediated by near-infrared excitation of gold nanorods
C Paviolo, K Needham, WGA Brown, J Yong, PR Stoddart
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A Bottom‐Up Approach to Red‐Emitting Molecular‐Based Nanoparticles with Natural Stealth Properties and their Use for Single‐Particle Tracking Deep in Brain Tissue
M Rosendale, J Flores, C Paviolo, P Pagano, J Daniel, J Ferreira, ...
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What Can We Learn from Carbon Nanotube Diffusion Trajectories Recorded in the Live Brain?
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Applications of Nanoparticles for Optical Modulation of Neuronal Behavior
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