Oleinikov Vladimir A. D.Sc., PhD
Oleinikov Vladimir A. D.Sc., PhD
Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences
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Biocompatible fluorescent nanocrystals for immunolabeling of membrane proteins and cells
A Sukhanova, J Devy, L Venteo, H Kaplan, M Artemyev, V Oleinikov, ...
Analytical biochemistry 324 (1), 60-67, 2004
Highly stable fluorescent nanocrystals as a novel class of labels for immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded tissue sections
A Sukhanova, L Venteo, J Devy, M Artemyev, V Oleinikov, M Pluot, ...
Laboratory Investigation 82 (9), 1259-1261, 2002
Oriented conjugates of single-domain antibodies and quantum dots: toward a new generation of ultrasmall diagnostic nanoprobes
A Sukhanova, K Even-Desrumeaux, A Kisserli, T Tabary, B Reveil, ...
Nanomedicine: nanotechnology, biology and medicine 8 (4), 516-525, 2012
Nanocrystal-encoded fluorescent microbeads for proteomics: antibody profiling and diagnostics of autoimmune diseases
A Sukhanova, AS Susha, A Bek, S Mayilo, AL Rogach, J Feldmann, ...
Nano letters 7 (8), 2322-2327, 2007
Functionalized nanocrystal-tagged fluorescent polymer beads: synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and immunolabeling application
V Stsiapura, A Sukhanova, M Artemyev, M Pluot, JHM Cohen, ...
Analytical Biochemistry 334 (2), 257-265, 2004
Resonance energy transfer improves the biological function of bacteriorhodopsin within a hybrid material built from purple membranes and semiconductor quantum dots
A Rakovich, A Sukhanova, N Bouchonville, E Lukashev, V Oleinikov, ...
Nano letters 10 (7), 2640-2648, 2010
Probing cell‐type‐specific intracellular nanoscale barriers using size‐tuned quantum dots
Y Williams, A Sukhanova, M Nowostawska, AM Davies, S Mitchell, ...
small 5 (22), 2581-2588, 2009
Fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals for biology and medicine
VA Oleinikov, AV Sukhanova, IR Nabiev
Ross. Nanotekhnol. 2 (s. 1–2), 160-173, 2007
Semiconductor quantum dots for multiplexed bio-detection on solid-state microarrays
G Rousserie, A Sukhanova, K Even-Desrumeaux, F Fleury, P Chames, ...
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology 74 (1), 1-15, 2010
Optically and electrically controlled circularly polarized emission from cholesteric liquid crystal materials doped with semiconductor quantum dots
A Bobrovsky, K Mochalov, V Oleinikov, A Sukhanova, A Prudnikau, ...
Advanced Materials 24 (46), 6216-6222, 2012
Polyglycine II nanosheets: Supramolecular antivirals?
AB Tuzikov, AA Chinarev, AS Gambaryan, VA Oleinikov, DV Klinov, ...
ChemBioChem 4 (2-3), 147-154, 2003
DNA-assisted formation of quasi-nanowires from fluorescent CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals
V Stsiapura, A Sukhanova, A Baranov, M Artemyev, O Kulakovich, ...
Nanotechnology 17 (2), 581, 2006
Advanced procedures for labeling of antibodies with quantum dots
W Mahmoud, G Rousserie, B Reveil, T Tabary, JM Millot, M Artemyev, ...
Analytical biochemistry 416 (2), 180-185, 2011
Surface enhancement of local optical fields and the lightning-rod effect
AV Ermushev, BV Mchedlishvili, VA Oleĭnikov, AV Petukhov
Quantum Electronics 23 (5), 435, 1993
Submicron polymer particles containing fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals CdSe/ZnS for bioassays
AN Generalova, SV Sizova, TA Zdobnova, MM Zarifullina, MV Artemyev, ...
Nanomedicine 6 (2), 195-209, 2011
Interaction of CdSe/ZnS core-shell semiconductor nanocrystals in solid thin films
AA Chistyakov, IL Martynov, KE Mochalov, VA Oleinikov, SV Sizova, ...
Laser Physics 16 (12), 1625-1632, 2006
Combined scanning probe nanotomography and optical microspectroscopy: a correlative technique for 3D characterization of nanomaterials
KE Mochalov, AE Efimov, A Bobrovsky, II Agapov, AA Chistyakov, ...
ACS nano 7 (10), 8953-8962, 2013
Emerging applications of fluorescent nanocrystals quantum dots for micrometastases detection
W Mahmoud, A Sukhanova, V Oleinikov, YP Rakovich, JF Donegan, ...
Proteomics 10 (4), 700-716, 2010
Multidrug-resistant cancer cells contain two populations of P-glycoprotein with differently stimulated P-gp ATPase activities: evidence from atomic force microscopy and …
S Barakat, L Gayet, G Dayan, S Labialle, A Lazar, V Oleinikov, ...
Biochemical Journal 388 (2), 563-571, 2005
Quantum dot-containing polymer particles with thermosensitive fluorescence
AN Generalova, VA Oleinikov, A Sukhanova, MV Artemyev, VP Zubov, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 39 (1), 187-193, 2013
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