Frederick L. Philippe
Frederick L. Philippe
Professor of psychology, University of Quebec at Montreal
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On the role of passion for work in burnout: A process model
RJ Vallerand, Y Paquet, FL Philippe, J Charest
Journal of personality 78 (1), 289-312, 2010
The incremental validity of narrative identity in predicting well-being: A review of the field and recommendations for the future
JM Adler, J Lodi-Smith, FL Philippe, I Houle
Personality and Social Psychology Review 20 (2), 142-175, 2016
Passion for an activity and quality of interpersonal relationships: the mediating role of emotions.
FL Philippe, RJ Vallerand, N Houlfort, GL Lavigne, EG Donahue
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Passion does make a difference in people's lives: A look at well‐being in passionate and non‐passionate individuals
FL Philippe, RJ Vallerand, GL Lavigne
Applied Psychology: Health and Well‐Being 1 (1), 3-22, 2009
Parental autonomy-support, intrinsic life goals, and well-being among adolescents in China and North America
N Lekes, I Gingras, FL Philippe, R Koestner, J Fang
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On passion and sports fans: A look at football
RJ Vallerand, N Ntoumanis, FL Philippe, GL Lavigne, N Carbonneau, ...
Journal of sports sciences 26 (12), 1279-1293, 2008
Passion in referees: Examining their affective and cognitive experiences in sport situations
FL Philippe, RJ Vallerand, J Andrianarisoa, P Brunel
Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 31 (1), 77-96, 2009
On passion and heavy work investment: Personal and organizational outcomes
N Houlfort, F L. Philippe, R J. Vallerand, J Ménard
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Resilience and positive emotions: Examining the role of emotional memories
FL Philippe, S Lecours, G Beaulieu‐Pelletier
Journal of personality 77 (1), 139-176, 2009
Actual environments do affect motivation and psychological adjustment: A test of self-determination theory in a natural setting
FL Philippe, RJ Vallerand
Motivation and Emotion 32, 81-89, 2008
Psychological need satisfaction across levels of experience: Their organization and contribution to general well-being
M Milyavskaya, FL Philippe, R Koestner
Journal of Research in Personality 47 (1), 41-51, 2013
Ego-resiliency as a mediator between childhood trauma and psychological symptoms
FL Philippe, S Laventure, G Beaulieu-Pelletier, S Lecours, N Lekes
Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 30 (6), 583-598, 2011
Prevalence rates of gambling problems in Montreal, Canada: A look at old adults and the role of passion
F Philippe, RJ Vallerand
Journal of Gambling Studies 23, 275-283, 2007
The role of need satisfaction as a distinct and basic psychological component of autobiographical memories: A look at well‐being
FL Philippe, R Koestner, G Beaulieu‐Pelletier, S Lecours
Journal of personality 79 (5), 905-938, 2011
The role of episodic memories in current and future well-being
FL Philippe, R Koestner, G Beaulieu-Pelletier, S Lecours, N Lekes
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 38 (4), 505-519, 2012
Passion for driving and aggressive driving behavior: A look at their relationship
FL Philippe, RJ Vallerand, I Richer, É Vallieres, J Bergeron
Journal of Applied Social Psychology 39 (12), 3020-3043, 2009
On the directive function of episodic memories in people's lives: A look at romantic relationships.
FL Philippe, R Koestner, N Lekes
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 104 (1), 164, 2013
Influencing value priorities and increasing well-being: The effects of reflecting on intrinsic values
N Lekes, NH Hope, L Gouveia, R Koestner, FL Philippe
The Journal of Positive Psychology 7 (3), 249-261, 2012
The role of autobiographical memory networks in the experience of negative emotions: how our remembered past elicits our current feelings.
FL Philippe, R Koestner, S Lecours, G Beaulieu-Pelletier, K Bois
Emotion 11 (6), 1279, 2011
The role of attachment avoidance in extradyadic sex
G Beaulieu-Pelletier, FL Philippe, S Lecours, S Couture
Attachment & Human Development 13 (3), 293-313, 2011
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