arne nolte
arne nolte
Professor of Biology, University of Oldenburg
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Hybridization and speciation
R Abbott, D Albach, S Ansell, JW Arntzen, SJE Baird, N Bierne, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 26 (2), 229-246, 2013
An evaluation of LSU rDNA D1-D2 sequences for their use in species identification
R Sonnenberg, AW Nolte, D Tautz
Frontiers in zoology 4, 1-12, 2007
On the origin of species: insights from the ecological genomics of lake whitefish
L Bernatchez, S Renaut, AR Whiteley, N Derome, J Jeukens, L Landry, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 365 …, 2010
Understanding the onset of hybrid speciation
AW Nolte, D Tautz
Trends in Genetics 26 (2), 54-58, 2010
An invasive lineage of sculpins, Cottus sp. (Pisces, Teleostei) in the Rhine with new habitat adaptations has originated from hybridization between old …
AW Nolte, J Freyhof, KC Stemshorn, D Tautz
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 272 (1579), 2379-2387, 2005
Phylogeography of the bullhead Cottus gobio (Pisces: Teleostei: Cottidae) suggests a pre‐Pleistocene origin of the major central European populations
CC Englbrecht, J Freyhof, A Nolte, K Rassmann, U Schliewen, D Tautz
Molecular Ecology 9 (6), 709-722, 2000
Mining transcriptome sequences towards identifying adaptive single nucleotide polymorphisms in lake whitefish species pairs (Coregonus spp. Salmonidae)
S Renaut, AW Nolte, L Bernatchez
Molecular ecology 19, 115-131, 2010
Variable patterns of introgression in two sculpin hybrid zones suggest that genomic isolation differs among populations
AW Nolte, Z Gompert, CA Buerkle
Molecular Ecology 18 (12), 2615-2627, 2009
Adaptive radiation and hybridization in Wallace's Dreamponds: evidence from sailfin silversides in the Malili Lakes of Sulawesi
F Herder, AW Nolte, J Pfaender, J Schwarzer, RK Hadiaty, UK Schliewen
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 273 (1598), 2209-2217, 2006
Taxonomic diversity of European Cottus with description of eight new species (Teleostei: Cottidae)
J Freyhof, M Kottelat, A Nolte
Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 16 (2), 107, 2005
Tests of rRNA hybridization to microarrays suggest that hybridization characteristics of oligonucleotide probes for species discrimination cannot be predicted
A Pozhitkov, PA Noble, T Domazet-Lošo, AW Nolte, R Sonnenberg, ...
Nucleic acids research 34 (9), e66-e66, 2006
The transcriptomics of sympatric dwarf and normal lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis spp., Salmonidae) divergence as revealed by next‐generation …
J Jeukens, S Renaut, J ST‐CYR, AW Nolte, L Bernatchez
Molecular ecology 19 (24), 5389-5403, 2010
Gene Expression Divergence and Hybrid Misexpression between Lake Whitefish Species Pairs (Coregonus spp. Salmonidae)
S Renaut, AW Nolte, L Bernatchez
Molecular Biology and Evolution 26 (4), 925-936, 2009
SNP signatures of selection on standing genetic variation and their association with adaptive phenotypes along gradients of ecological speciation in lake whitefish species …
S Renaut, AW Nolte, SM Rogers, N Derome, L Bernatchez
Molecular ecology 20 (3), 545-559, 2011
The phenomics and expression quantitative trait locus mapping of brain transcriptomes regulating adaptive divergence in lake whitefish species pairs (Coregonus sp.)
AR Whiteley, N Derome, SM Rogers, J St-Cyr, J Laroche, A Labbe, ...
Genetics 180 (1), 147-164, 2008
Rapid formation of distinct hybrid lineages after secondary contact of two fish species (Cottus sp.)
KC Stemshorn, FA Reed, AW Nolte, D Tautz
Molecular Ecology 20 (7), 1475-1491, 2011
When invaders meet locally adapted types: rapid moulding of hybrid zones between sculpins (Cottus, Pisces) in the Rhine system
AW Nolte, J Freyhof, D Tautz
Molecular Ecology 15 (7), 1983-1993, 2006
Shape based assignment tests suggest transgressive phenotypes in natural sculpin hybrids (Teleostei, Scorpaeniformes, Cottidae)
AW Nolte, HD Sheets
Frontiers in zoology 2, 1-12, 2005
Adaptive genomic divergence under high gene flow between freshwater and brackish‐water ecotypes of prickly sculpin (Cottus asper) revealed by Pool‐Seq
S Dennenmoser, SM Vamosi, AW Nolte, SM Rogers
Molecular Ecology 26 (1), 25-42, 2017
Inferring the shallow phylogeny of true salamanders (Salamandra) by multiple phylogenomic approaches
A Rodríguez, JD Burgon, M Lyra, I Irisarri, D Baurain, L Blaustein, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 115, 16-26, 2017
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