Benno Schwikowski
Benno Schwikowski
Head, Systems Biology Group, Pasteur Institute, Paris
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Cytoscape: a software environment for integrated models of biomolecular interaction networks
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Graph-based methods for analysing networks in cell biology
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ProbID: a probabilistic algorithm to identify peptides through sequence database searching using tandem mass spectral data
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Global network reorganization during dynamic adaptations of Bacillus subtilis metabolism
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Algorithms for phylogenetic footprinting
M Blanchette
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Host-viral infection maps reveal signatures of severe COVID-19 patients
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Functional analysis via standardized whole-blood stimulation systems defines the boundaries of a healthy immune response to complex stimuli
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Distinctive roles of age, sex, and genetics in shaping transcriptional variation of human immune responses to microbial challenges
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GOlorize: a Cytoscape plug-in for network visualization with Gene Ontology-based layout and coloring
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From the exposome to mechanistic understanding of chemical-induced adverse effects
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Alignment of LC‐MS images, with applications to biomarker discovery and protein identification
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Universal DNA tag systems: a combinatorial design scheme
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On enumerating all minimal solutions of feedback problems
B Schwikowski, E Speckenmeyer
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ProbIDtree: an automated software program capable of identifying multiple peptides from a single collision‐induced dissociation spectrum collected by a tandem mass spectrometer
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Predicting protein–peptide interactions via a network-based motif sampler
DJ Reiss, B Schwikowski
Bioinformatics 20 (suppl_1), i274-i282, 2004
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