Enrique Lavernia
Enrique Lavernia
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Ca, Irvine
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Particulate reinforced metal matrix composites—a review
IA Ibrahim, FA Mohamed, EJ Lavernia
Journal of materials science 26 (5), 1137-1156, 1991
Mechanical behavior and strengthening mechanisms in ultrafine grain precipitation-strengthened aluminum alloy
K Ma, H Wen, T Hu, TD Topping, D Isheim, DN Seidman, EJ Lavernia, ...
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Nanostructural hierarchy increases the strength of aluminium alloys
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Deformation mechanism in nanocrystalline Al: Partial dislocation slip
XZ Liao, F Zhou, EJ Lavernia, SG Srinivasan, MI Baskes, DW He, YT Zhu
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Spray atomization and deposition
EJ Lavernia, Y Wu
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Deformation twins in nanocrystalline Al
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Rapid solidification processing with specific application to aluminium alloys
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Al–Mg alloy engineered with bimodal grain size for high strength and increased ductility
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Processing of molybdenum disilicide
YL Jeng, EJ Lavernia
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Strengthening mechanisms in a high-strength bulk nanostructured Cu–Zn–Al alloy processed via cryomilling and spark plasma sintering
H Wen, TD Topping, D Isheim, DN Seidman, EJ Lavernia
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High tensile ductility and strength in bulk nanostructured nickel
Y Zhao, T Topping, JF Bingert, JJ Thornton, AM Dangelewicz, Y Li, W Liu, ...
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On the applicability of the x-ray diffraction line profile analysis in extracting grain size and microstrain in nanocrystalline materials
HG Jiang, M Rühle, EJ Lavernia
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Creep behavior of discontinuous SiC Al composites
FA Mohamed, KT Park, EJ Lavernia
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On the analysis of grain size in bulk nanocrystalline materials via X-ray diffraction
Z Zhang, F Zhou, EJ Lavernia
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 34 (6), 1349-1355, 2003
A discussion on the absence of plasma in spark plasma sintering
DM Hulbert, A Anders, J Andersson, EJ Lavernia, AK Mukherjee
Scripta Materialia 60 (10), 835-838, 2009
Microstructural evolution during recovery and recrystallization of a nanocrystalline Al-Mg alloy prepared by cryogenic ball milling
F Zhou, XZ Liao, YT Zhu, S Dallek, EJ Lavernia
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Processing techniques for particulate-reinforced metal aluminium matrix composites
TS Srivatsan, IA Ibrahim, FA Mohamed, EJ Lavernia
Journal of Materials Science 26 (22), 5965-5978, 1991
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