Jungseek Hwang
Jungseek Hwang
Professor of Physics, Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea
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Multicolored electrochromism in polymers: structures and devices
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SQUID-based microwave cavity search for dark-matter axions
SJ Asztalos, G Carosi, C Hagmann, D Kinion, K Van Bibber, M Hotz, ...
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High-transition-temperature superconductivity in the absence of the magnetic-resonance mode
J Hwang, T Timusk, GD Gu
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TT Steckler, X Zhang, J Hwang, R Honeyager, S Ohira, XH Zhang, ...
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Combined visible and infrared electrochromism using dual polymer devices
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Polarized spectroscopy of aligned single-wall carbon nanotubes
J Hwang, HH Gommans, A Ugawa, H Tashiro, R Haggenmueller, ...
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Persistence of ferroelectricity in BaTiO 3 through the insulator-metal transition
T Kolodiazhnyi, M Tachibana, H Kawaji, J Hwang, ...
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Doping dependent optical properties of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ δ
J Hwang, T Timusk, GD Gu
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Bosons in high-temperature superconductors: an experimental survey
JP Carbotte, T Timusk, J Hwang
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Evolution of the bosonic spectral density of the high-temperature superconductor
J Hwang, T Timusk, E Schachinger, JP Carbotte
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Search for nonvirialized axionic dark matter
J Hoskins, J Hwang, C Martin, P Sikivie, NS Sullivan, DB Tanner, M Hotz, ...
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a-axis optical conductivity of detwinned ortho-II Y Ba 2 Cu 3 O 6.50
J Hwang, J Yang, T Timusk, SG Sharapov, JP Carbotte, DA Bonn, R Liang, ...
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Optical properties of nondegenerate ground-state polymers: Three dioxythiophene-based conjugated polymers
J Hwang, DB Tanner, I Schwendeman, JR Reynolds
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Fully transparent quantum dot light-emitting diode integrated with graphene anode and cathode
JT Seo, J Han, T Lim, KH Lee, J Hwang, H Yang, S Ju
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Boson structures in the relation between optical conductivity and quasiparticle dynamics
JP Carbotte, E Schachinger, J Hwang
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High energy scales in the optical self-energy of the cuprate superconductors
J Hwang, EJ Nicol, T Timusk, A Knigavko, JP Carbotte
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Supermetallic conductivity in bromine-intercalated graphite
S Tongay, J Hwang, DB Tanner, HK Pal, D Maslov, AF Hebard
Physical Review B 81 (11), 115428, 2010
Infrared conductivity of Na x Co O 2: Evidence of gapped states
J Hwang, J Yang, T Timusk, FC Chou
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Topotactic Metal–Insulator Transition in Epitaxial SrFeOx Thin Films
A Khare, D Shin, TS Yoo, M Kim, TD Kang, J Lee, S Roh, IH Jung, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (37), 1606566, 2017
Doping and temperature-dependent optical properties of oxygen-reduced BaTiO 3− δ
J Hwang, T Kolodiazhnyi, J Yang, M Couillard
Physical Review B 82 (21), 214109, 2010
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