László Himics
László Himics
Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics, Wigner Research Center for Physics
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Investigation of the performance of thermally generated gold nanoislands for LSPR and SERS applications
A Bonyár, I Csarnovics, M Veres, L Himics, A Csik, J Kámán, L Balázs, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 255, 433-439, 2018
A generalized exponential relationship between the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) efficiency of gold/silver nanoisland arrangements and their non-dimensional …
P Pal, A Bonyár, M Veres, L Himics, L Balázs, L Juhász, I Csarnovics
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 314, 112225, 2020
Comparative analysis of SERS substrates of different morphology
I Rigó, M Veres, L Himics, S Tóth, A Czitrovszky, A Nagy, P Fürjes
Procedia Engineering 168, 371-374, 2016
Effective implantation of light emitting centers by plasma immersion ion implantation and focused ion beam methods into nanosized diamond
L Himics, S Toth, M Veres, A Toth, M Koos
Applied Surface Science 328, 577-582, 2015
Silicon carbide nanocrystals produced by femtosecond laser pulses
S Tóth, P Nemeth, P Rácz, L Himics, P Dombi, M Koós
Diamond and Related Materials 81, 96-102, 2018
Grafting of manganese phthalocyanine on nanocrystalline diamond films
C Petkov, U Glebe, E Petkov, A Pasquarelli, C Pietzka, M Veres, L Himics, ...
physica status solidi (a) 210 (10), 2048-2054, 2013
Creation of deep blue light emitting nitrogen-vacancy center in nanosized diamond
L Himics, S Tóth, M Veres, Z Balogh, M Koós
Applied Physics Letters 104 (9), 093101, 2014
Ex-vivo confocal Raman microspectroscopy of porcine skin with 633/785-NM laser excitation and optical clearing with glycerol/water/DMSO solution
A Jaafar, MH Mahmood, R Holomb, L Himics, T Váczi, AY Sdobnov, ...
Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences 14 (05), 2142003, 2021
Plasmonic enhancement in gold coated inverse pyramid substrates with entrapped gold nanoparticles
I Rigó, M Veres, Z Pápa, L Himics, R Öcsi, O Hakkel, P Fürjes
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 253, 107128, 2020
Spectral properties of the zero-phonon line from ensemble of silicon–vacancy center in nanodiamond
L Himics, S Tóth, M Veres, M Koós
Optical and Quantum Electronics 48, 1-11, 2016
PDMS-Au/Ag nanocomposite films as highly sensitive SERS substrates
A Bonyár, Z Izsold, A Borók, I Csarnovics, L Himics, M Veres, G Harsányi
Proceedings 2 (13), 1060, 2018
Zero-phonon line characteristics of SiV center emission in microcrystalline diamond probed with intensive optical excitation
S Tóth, L Himics, M Veres, Z Balogh, VG Ralchenko, M Koós
Journal of Luminescence 158, 260-264, 2015
Two-wavelength Raman study of poly (ethylene terephthalate) surfaces modified by helium plasma-based ion implantation
M Veres, A Tóth, M Mohai, I Bertóti, J Szépvölgyi, S Tóth, L Himics, ...
Applied surface science 263, 423-429, 2012
Sp2 carbon defects in nanocrystalline diamond detected by Raman spectroscopy
M Veres, M Koós, S Tóth, L Himics
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 15 (1), 012023, 2010
Investigation of atmospheric corrosion by photon energy dependent luminescence and Raman spectroscopy in aged and freshly fractured g-, c-As2S3 with photosensitive realgar …
V Mitsa, R Holomb, A Marton, M Veres, S Tóth, L Himics, A Lorinczi, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 453, 23-27, 2016
Cerium and europium nanospecies in quartz glass: synthesis and spectral study: Cer‐und Europium‐haltige Nanopartikel in Quarzglas: Synthese und spektroskopische Eigenschaften
M Ignatovych, M Borysenko, L Davydenko, L Borysenko, M Veres, ...
Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik 47 (2-3), 193-197, 2016
Investigation of PDMS-gold nanoparticle composite films for plasmonic sensors
A Bonyár, Z Izsold, L Himics, M Veres, I Csarnovics
2017 IEEE 23rd International Symposium for Design and Technology in …, 2017
Raman spectroscopic study of gamma radiation‐initiated polymerization of diethylene glycol dimethacrylate in different solvents
MH Mahmood, L Himics, T Váczi, I Rigó, R Holomb, B Beiler, M Veres
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 52 (10), 1735-1743, 2021
Modeling and first-principles calculation of low-frequency quasi-localized vibrations of soft and rigid As–S nanoclusters
R Holomb, P Ihnatolia, O Mitsa, V Mitsa, L Himics, M Veres
Applied Nanoscience 9, 975-986, 2019
Determination of the deposited amount of inhalation drugs in realistic human airways by Raman and infrared spectroscopy
A Kerekes, M Veres, L Himics, S Tóth, A Czitrovszky, D Oszetzky, ...
Measurement 104, 237-242, 2017
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