Zulkhair Mansurov
Zulkhair Mansurov
Institute of Combustion Problems
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Soot Formation in Combustion Processes (Review)
ZA Mansurov
Combustion, Explosion, and Shock Waves 41 (6), 727–744, 2005
Investigation of rice husk derived activated carbon for removal of nitrate contamination from water
AR Satayeva, CA Howell, AV Korobeinyk, J Jandosov, VJ Inglezakis, ...
Science of the Total Environment 630, 1237-1245, 2018
Study on the effectiveness of thermally treated rice husks for petroleum adsorption
K Kenes, O Yerdos, M Zulkhair, D Yerlan
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 358 (22), 2964-2969, 2012
Super adsorption capability of rhombic dodecahedral Ca-Al layered double oxides for Congo red removal
H Zhang, H Chen, S Azat, ZA Mansurov, X Liu, J Wang, X Su, R Wu
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 768, 572-581, 2018
A comprehensive review of template-assisted porous carbons: Modern preparation methods and advanced applications
V Pavlenko, S Żółtowska, AB Haruna, M Zahid, Z Mansurov, Z Supiyeva, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 149, 100682, 2022
Combustion synthesis of silicon nanopowders
Z Yermekova, Z Mansurov, AS Mukasyan
International Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis 19, 94-101, 2010
Microwave-enhanced chemical vapor deposition graphene nanoplatelets-derived 3D porous materials for oil/water separation
FR Sultanov, C Daulbayev, B Bakbolat, ZA Mansurov, AA Urazgaliyeva, ...
Carbon Letters 30, 81-92, 2020
Formation of soot from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as well as fullerenes and carbon nanotubes in the combustion of hydrocarbon
ZA Mansurov
Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics 84 (1), 125-129, 2011
Influence of precursor morphology on the microstructure of silicon carbide nanopowder produced by combustion syntheses
Z Yermekova, Z Mansurov, A Mukasyan
Ceramics International 36 (8), 2297-2305, 2010
Bio-waste-derived few-layered graphene/SrTiO3/PAN as efficient photocatalytic system for water splitting
C Daulbayev, F Sultanov, AV Korobeinyk, M Yeleuov, S Azat, B Bakbolat, ...
Applied Surface Science 549, 149176, 2021
Preparation of carbonized rice husk monoliths and modification of the porous structure by SiO2 leaching
ZR Ismagilov, NV Shikina, IP Andrievskaya, NA Rudina, ZA Mansurov, ...
Catalysis Today 147, S58-S65, 2009
Contamination of Soil by Crude Oil and Drilling Muds. Use of Wastes by Production of Road Construction Materials
ZA Mansurov, EK Ongarbaev, BK Tuleutaev
Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils 37 (6), 441-443, 2001
Growth of carbon nanotubes on diatomite
ESM Duraia, M Burkitbaev, H Mohamedbakr, Z Mansurov, S Tokmolden, ...
Vacuum 84 (4), 464-468, 2009
Aligned composite SrTiO3/PAN fibers as 1D photocatalyst obtained by electrospinning method
F Sultanov, C Daulbayev, B Bakbolat, O Daulbayev, M Bigaj, Z Mansurov, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 737, 136821, 2019
Some Applications of nanocarbon materials for novel devices
ZA Mansurov
Nanoscale Devices-Fundamentals and Applications, 355-368, 2006
Synthesis gas production on glass cloth catalysts modified by Ni and Co oxides
GB Aldashukurova, AV Mironenko, ZA Mansurov, NV Shikina, SA Yashnik, ...
Journal of Energy Chemistry 22 (5), 811–818, 2013
Synthesis of superhydrophobic carbon surface during combustion propane
ZA Mansurov, M Nazhipkyzy, BT Lesbayev, NG Prikhodko, ...
Eurasian Chemico-technological journal 14 (1), 19-23, 2012
The recent progress in pitch derived carbon fibers applications. A Review
C Daulbayev, B Kaidar, F Sultanov, B Bakbolat, G Smagulova, ...
South African Journal of Chemical Engineering 38, 9-20, 2021
Hydrogenation of coal of" Karazhira" field: Optimal catalysts and thermogravimetric researches
DA Baiseitov, SE Gabdrashova, AN Magazova, O Dalelkhanuly, ...
International Journal of Chemical Sciences 14 (1), 244-250, 2016
Applications of activated carbon sorbents based on greek walnut
S Azat, R Busquets, VV Pavlenko, AR Kerimkulova, RLD Whitby, ...
Applied Mechanics and Materials 467, 49-51, 2014
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