D W Lamb
D W Lamb
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Identification of yellow rust in wheat using in-situ spectral reflectance measurements and airborne hyperspectral imaging
W Huang, DW Lamb, Z Niu, Y Zhang, L Liu, J Wang
Precision Agriculture 8, 187-197, 2007
Optical remote sensing applications in viticulture‐a review
A Hall, DW Lamb, B Holzapfel, J Louis
Australian journal of grape and wine research 8 (1), 36-47, 2002
Pa—precision agriculture: Remote-sensing and mapping of weeds in crops
DW Lamb, RB Brown
Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 78 (2), 117-125, 2001
Using remote sensing to predict grape phenolics and colour at harvest in a Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard: Timing observations against vine phenology and optimising image resolution
DW Lamb, MM Weedon, RGV Bramley
Australian journal of grape and wine research 10 (1), 46-54, 2004
Evaluating ten spectral vegetation indices for identifying rust infection in individual wheat leaves
R Devadas, DW Lamb, S Simpfendorfer, D Backhouse
Precision Agriculture 10, 459-470, 2009
Estimating leaf nitrogen concentration in ryegrass (Lolium spp.) pasture using the chlorophyll red-edge: theoretical modelling and experimental observations
DW Lamb, M Steyn-Ross, P Schaare, MM Hanna, W Silvester, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 23 (18), 3619-3648, 2002
Characterising and mapping vineyard canopy using high-spatial-resolution aerial multispectral images
A Hall, J Louis, D Lamb
Computers & Geosciences 29 (7), 813-822, 2003
Within-season temporal variation in correlations between vineyard canopy and winegrape composition and yield
A Hall, DW Lamb, BP Holzapfel, JP Louis
Precision Agriculture 12, 103-117, 2011
Categorising sheep activity using a tri-axial accelerometer
J Barwick, DW Lamb, R Dobos, M Welch, M Trotter
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 145, 289-297, 2018
Precision viticulture: a new era in vineyard management and wine production
APB Proffitt, R Bramley, D Lamb, E Winter
Ashford, Winetitles, 2006
A Combination of Plant NDVI and LiDAR Measurements Improve the Estimation of Pasture Biomass in Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea var. Fletcher)
MT Schaefer, DW Lamb
Remote Sensing 8 (2), 109, 2016
Improving pathways to adoption: Putting the right P's in precision agriculture
DW Lamb, P Frazier, P Adams
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 61 (1), 4-9, 2008
The use of qualitative airborne multispectral imaging for managing agricultural crops-a case study in south-eastern Australia
DW Lamb
Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 40 (5), 725-738, 2000
Evaluating an active optical sensor for quantifying and mapping green herbage mass and growth in a perennial grass pasture
MG Trotter, DW Lamb, GE Donald, DA Schneider
Crop and Pasture Science 61 (5), 389-398, 2010
Farming the web of things
K Taylor, C Griffith, L Lefort, R Gaire, M Compton, T Wark, D Lamb, ...
IEEE Intelligent Systems 28 (6), 12-19, 2013
Evaluating the accuracy of mapping weeds in seedling crops using airborne digital imaging: Avena spp. in seedling triticale
Lamb, Weedon, Rew
Weed Research 39 (6), 481-492, 1999
Monitoring distances travelled by horses using GPS tracking collars
BA Hampson, JM Morton, PC Mills, MG Trotter, DW Lamb, CC Pollitt
Australian Veterinary Journal 88 (5), 176-181, 2010
Making sense of vineyard variability in Australia
RGV Bramley, DW Lamb
Proc. Internat. Symp. on Precision Viticulture, Ninth Latin American Congr …, 2003
Evaluating the accuracy of mapping weeds in fallow fields using airborne digital imaging: Panicumeffusum in oilseed rape stubble
Weed Research 38 (6), 443-451, 1998
Predicting lameness in sheep activity using tri-axial acceleration signals
J Barwick, D Lamb, R Dobos, D Schneider, M Welch, M Trotter
Animals 8 (1), 12, 2018
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