Sergey Yakush
Sergey Yakush
Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Combustion of two-phase hydrocarbon fuel clouds released into the atmosphere
GM Makhviladze, JP Roberts, SE Yakush
Combustion and Flame 118 (4), 583-605, 1999
Multiscale simulations of self-organization phenomena in the formation and coolability of corium debris bed
S Yakush, P Kudinov, TN Dinh
Proceedings The 13th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor …, 2009
Simulation of ex-vessel debris bed formation and coolability in a LWR severe accident
S Yakush, P Kudinov
Proceedings of ISAMM-2009, 26-28, 2009
Large-scale unconfined fires and explosions
GM Makhviladze, SE Yakush
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 29 (1), 195-210, 2002
A framework for assessment of severe accident management effectiveness in Nordic BWR plants
P Kudinov, S Galushin, S Yakush, W Villanueva, VA Phung, ...
Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management PSAM 12, 22-27, 2014
Modelling of formation and combustion of accidentally released fuel clouds
GM Makhviladze, SE Yakush
Process safety and environmental protection 83 (2), 171-177, 2005
Modeling of two-phase natural convection flows in a water pool with a decay-heated debris bed
S Yakush, P Kudinov, TN Dinh
Proceedings of International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants …, 2008
Effects of water pool subcooling on the debris bed spreading by coolant flow
S Yakush, P Kudinov
Proceedings of ICAPP 2011, Paper 11416, 2-5, 2011
Experimental study on cellular premixed propane flames in a narrow gap between parallel plates
MM Alexeev, OY Semenov, SE Yakush
Combustion Science and Technology, 2018
Coolability of heat-releasing debris bed. Part 1: Sensitivity analysis and model calibration
SE Yakush, P Kudinov, NT Lubchenko
Annals of Nuclear Energy 52, 59-71, 2013
Risk-informed approach to debris bed coolability issue
SE Yakush, NT Lubchenko, P Kudinov
International Conference on Nuclear Engineering 44960, 531-543, 2012
Numerical modelling of fireballs from vertical releases of fuel gases
GM Makhviladze, JP Roberts, SE Yakush
Combustion science and technology 132 (1-6), 199-223, 1998
Model for blast waves of boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions
SE Yakush
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 103, 173-185, 2016
Experimental and numerical study of transient compartment fires
GM Makhviladze, AV Shamshin, SE Yakush, AP Zykov
Combustion, Explosion and Shock Waves 42 (6), 723-730, 2006
The effect of self-leveling on debris bed coolability under severe accident conditions
S Basso, A Konovalenko, SE Yakush, P Kudinov
Nuclear Engineering and Design 305, 246-259, 2016
Modelling and scaling of fireballs from single-and two-phase hydrocarbon releases
GM Makhviladze, JP Roberts, SE Yakush
Fire Safety Science--Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium, 1125-1136, 2000
Experimental investigation of particulate debris spreading in a pool
A Konovalenko, S Basso, P Kudinov, SE Yakush
Nuclear Engineering and Design 297, 208-219, 2016
Analysis of boron dilution in VVER-1000 reactor
OI Melikhov, VI Melikhov, SE Yakush, YA Bezrukov, SA Logvinov
Annual meeting on nuclear technology 2001. Proceedings, 2001
Modelling the fireballs from methane releases
GM Makhviladze, JP Roberts, SE Yakush
Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium, 213-224, 1997
Modelling of atmospheric pollution by explosions
GM Makhviladze, JP Roberts, SE Yakush
Environmental Software 10 (2), 117-127, 1995
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