Hien D Tong (Ph.D)
Hien D Tong (Ph.D)
Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering, Vietnamese -German University
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Silicon nitride nanosieve membrane
HD Tong, HV Jansen, VJ Gadgil, CG Bostan, E Berenschot, CJM van Rijn, ...
Nano letters 4 (2), 283-287, 2004
Ultralow-power hydrogen sensing with single palladium nanowires
P Offermans, HD Tong, CJM Van Rijn, P Merken, SH Brongersma, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (22), 223110, 2009
Synthesis and characterization of Pt–Pd alloy and core-shell bimetallic nanoparticles for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs): Enhanced electrocatalytic properties of well …
NV Long, TD Hien, T Asaka, M Ohtaki, M Nogami
international journal of hydrogen energy 36 (14), 8478-8491, 2011
Influence of steam and carbon dioxide on the hydrogen flux through thin Pd/Ag and Pd membranes
FC Gielens, RJJ Knibbeler, PFJ Duysinx, HD Tong, MAG Vorstman, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 279 (1-2), 176-185, 2006
Novel top-down wafer-scale fabrication of single crystal silicon nanowires
HD Tong, S Chen, WG van der Wiel, ET Carlen, A van den Berg
Nano letters 9 (3), 1015-1022, 2009
A comparative study of Pt and Pt–Pd core–shell nanocatalysts
NV Long, M Ohtaki, TD Hien, J Randy, M Nogami
Electrochimica Acta 56 (25), 9133-9143, 2011
Self-seeding microwell chip for the isolation and characterization of single cells
JF Swennenhuis, AGJ Tibbe, M Stevens, MR Katika, J Van Dalum, ...
Lab on a Chip 15 (14), 3039-3046, 2015
Arrays of dual nanomechanical resonators for selective biological detection
D Ramos, M Arroyo-Hernandez, E Gil-Santos, H Duy Tong, C Van Rijn, ...
Analytical chemistry 81 (6), 2274-2279, 2009
Fabrication and characterization of dual sputtered Pd–Cu alloy films for hydrogen separation membranes
HT Hoang, HD Tong, FC Gielens, HV Jansen, MC Elwenspoek
Materials letters 58 (3-4), 525-528, 2004
Effects of heat treatment and poly (vinylpyrrolidone)(PVP) polymer on electrocatalytic activity of polyhedral Pt nanoparticles towards their methanol oxidation
NV Long, M Ohtaki, M Nogami, TD Hien
Colloid and Polymer Science 289 (12), 1373-1386, 2011
High throughput optical readout of dense arrays of nanomechanical systems for sensing applications
NF Martínez, PM Kosaka, J Tamayo, J Ramírez, O Ahumada, J Mertens, ...
Review of scientific instruments 81 (12), 125109, 2010
Microsystem technology for high-flux hydrogen separation membranes
FC Gielens, HD Tong, CJM Van Rijn, MAG Vorstman, JTF Keurentjes
Journal of membrane science 243 (1-2), 203-213, 2004
Measurement and modeling of hydrogen transport through high-flux Pd membranes
FC Gielens, HD Tong, MAG Vorstman, JTF Keurentjes
Journal of membrane science 289 (1-2), 15-25, 2007
Microsieve supporting palladium-silver alloy membrane and application to hydrogen separation
HD Tong, FC Gielens, JGE Gardeniers, HV Jansen, JW Berenschot, ...
Journal of microelectromechanical systems 14 (1), 113-124, 2005
Shedding light on axial stress effect on resonance frequencies of nanocantilevers
V Pini, J Tamayo, E Gil-Santos, D Ramos, P Kosaka, HD Tong, C van Rijn, ...
ACS nano 5 (6), 4269-4275, 2011
Microfabrication of palladium-silver alloy membranes for hydrogen separation
HD Tong, JWE Berenschot, MJ De Boer, JGE Gardeniers, H Wensink, ...
Journal of microelectromechanical systems 12 (5), 622-629, 2003
High-flux palladium membranes based on microsystem technology
JTF Keurentjes, FC Gielens, HD Tong, CJM Van Rijn, MAG Vorstman
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 43 (16), 4768-4772, 2004
Synthesis and characterization of Pt–Pd nanoparticles with core-shell morphology: Nucleation and overgrowth of the Pd shells on the as-prepared and defined Pt seeds
NV Long, TD Hien, T Asaka, M Ohtaki, M Nogami
Journal of alloys and compounds 509 (29), 7702-7709, 2011
Microfabricated palladium− silver alloy membranes and their application in hydrogen separation
HD Tong, FC Gielens, JGE Gardeniers, HV Jansen, CJM Van Rijn, ...
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 43 (15), 4182-4187, 2004
The nanofabrication of Pt nanowire arrays at the wafer-scale and its application in glucose detection
DH Tong, PD Tran, XTT Pham, TTT Le, MC Dang, CJM Van Rijn
Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 1 (1), 015011, 2010
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