Heinz Sturm
Heinz Sturm
BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung
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Structure formation on the surface of indium phosphide irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
J Bonse, M Munz, H Sturm
Journal of Applied Physics 97 (1), 013538, 2005
Flame retardancy mechanisms of metal phosphinates and metal phosphinates in combination with melamine cyanurate in glass‐fiber reinforced poly (1, 4‐butylene terephthalate …
U Braun, H Bahr, H Sturm, B Schartel
Polymers for Advanced Technologies 19 (6), 680-692, 2008
Chemical, morphological and accumulation phenomena in ultrashort-pulse laser ablation of TiN in air
J Bonse, H Sturm, D Schmidt, W Kautek
Applied Physics A 71 (6), 657-665, 2000
Dynamic plowing nanolithography on polymethylmethacrylate using an atomic force microscope
M Heyde, K Rademann, B Cappella, M Geuss, H Sturm, T Spangenberg, ...
Review of scientific instruments 72 (1), 136-141, 2001
The scanning force microscope as a tool for the detection of local mechanical properties within the interphase of fibre reinforced polymers
M Munz, H Sturm, E Schulz, G Hinrichsen
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 29 (9-10), 1251-1259, 1998
Using AFM force− distance curves to study the glass-to-rubber transition of amorphous polymers and their elastic− plastic properties as a function of temperature
B Cappella, SK Kaliappan, H Sturm
Macromolecules 38 (5), 1874-1881, 2005
Layered silicate epoxy nanocomposites: formation of the inorganic‐carbonaceous fire protection layer
B Schartel, A Weiß, H Sturm, M Kleemeier, A Hartwig, C Vogt, RX Fischer
Polymers for Advanced Technologies 22 (12), 1581-1592, 2011
Comparison of different methods for MP detection: what can we learn from them, and why asking the right question before measurements matters?
AM Elert, R Becker, E Duemichen, P Eisentraut, J Falkenhagen, H Sturm, ...
Environmental Pollution 231, 1256-1264, 2017
Comparison between dynamic plowing lithography and nanoindentation methods
B Cappella, H Sturm
Journal of applied physics 91 (1), 506-512, 2002
Breaking polymer chains by dynamic plowing lithography
B Cappella, H Sturm, SM Weidner
Polymer 43 (16), 4461-4466, 2002
Organic nanostructures for next generation devices
KH Al-Shamery, HG Rubahn, H Sitter
Springer, 2008
Time-and space-resolved dynamics of ablation and optical breakdown induced by femtosecond laser pulses in indium phosphide
J Bonse, G Bachelier, J Siegel, J Solis, H Sturm
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (5), 054910, 2008
The precision of the femtosecond-pulse laser ablation of TiN films on silicon
J Bonse, M Geuss, S Baudach, H Sturm, W Kautek
Applied Physics A 69 (1), S399-S402, 1999
Solid-state NMR investigations of the pyrolysis and thermo-oxidative decomposition products of a polystyrene/red phosphorus/magnesium hydroxide system
MA Fichera, U Braun, B Schartel, H Sturm, U Knoll, C Jäger
Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 78 (2), 378-386, 2007
Assessment of a new method for the analysis of decomposition gases of polymers by a combining thermogravimetric solid-phase extraction and thermal desorption gas chromatography …
E Dümichen, U Braun, R Senz, G Fabian, H Sturm
Journal of Chromatography A 1354, 117-128, 2014
Reactions of amide group with fluorine as revealed with surface analytics
T Solomun, A Schimanski, H Sturm, E Illenberger
Chemical physics letters 387 (4-6), 312-316, 2004
DNA damage by low-energy electron impact: dependence on guanine content
T Solomun, H Seitz, H Sturm
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (34), 11557-11559, 2009
Scanning force microscopic investigations of the femtosecond laser pulse irradiation of indium phosphide in air
J Bonse, M Munz, H Sturm
IEEE transactions on nanotechnology 3 (3), 358-367, 2004
Mechanical gradient interphase by interdiffusion and antiplasticisation effect—study of an epoxy/thermoplastic system
M Munz, H Sturm, W Stark
Polymer 46 (21), 9097-9112, 2005
Influence of the compatible solute ectoine on the local water structure: implications for the binding of the protein G5P to DNA
MB Hahn, T Solomun, R Wellhausen, S Hermann, H Seitz, S Meyer, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (49), 15212-15220, 2015
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