Bridget Hoffmann
Bridget Hoffmann
Research Department, Inter-American Development Bank
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The Unequal Burden of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean
N Bottan, B Hoffman, D Vera
PLoS ONE 15 (10), 1-10, 2020
Temperature and growth: A panel analysis of the United States
R Colacito, B Hoffmann, T Phan
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 51 (2-3), 313-368, 2019
Stepping up during a crisis: the unintended effects of a non-contributory pension program during the covid-19 pandemic
N Bottan, B Hoffmann, D Vera-Cossio
Journal of Development Economics 150, 2021
Impactos del programa Ingreso Solidario frente a la crisis del COVID-19 en Colombia
J Gallego, B Hoffmann, P Ibarrarán, MP Medina, C Pecha, O Romero, ...
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo 1, 2021
How Much Will It Cost to Achieve the Climate Goals in Latin America and the Caribbean?
LM Galindo, B Hoffman, A Vogt-Schilb
Washington, DC: Inter-American Development Bank, 2022
Does education prevent job loss during downturns? evidence from exogenous school assignments and covid-19 in barbados
DW Beuermann, NL Bottan, B Hoffmann, CK Jackson, DAV Cossio
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2021
Do non-monetary prices target the poor? Evidence from a field experiment in India
B Hoffmann
Journal of Development Economics 133, 15-32, 2018
Diminishing returns: Nudging Covid-19 prevention among Colombian young adults
A Blackman, B Hoffmann
PLoS One 17 (12), e0279179, 2022
How can we improve air pollution? Try increasing trust first
BL Hoffmann, C Scartascini, FG Cafferata
Environment and Development Economics 27 (5), 393-413, 2022
Exposure or Income? The Unequal Effects of Pollution on Daily Labor Supply
B Hoffmann, JP Rud
Red Nacional de Investigadores en Economía (RedNIE) Working Papers, 2022
The business case for ESG investing for pension and sovereign wealth funds
B Hoffmann, TA i Jubert, E Parrado
Inter-American Development Bank, 2020
The power of perception limitations of information in reducing air pollution exposure
R Hanna, B Hoffmann, P Oliva, J Schneider
IDB Working Paper Series, 2021
La desigual carga de la pandemia. Por qué las consecuencias de la COVID-19 afectan más a los pobres
N Bottan, B Hoffmann, D Vera-Cossío
Washington: IADB, 2020
CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO Y DESASTRES NATURALES: Exposición desigual, impactos y capacidad para hacerles frente
B Hoffmann
La crisis de la desigualdad 247, 2020
COVID-19, The Caribbean crisis
DW Beuermann, LG Álvarez, B Hoffman, D Vera-Cossio
Caribbean Dev-Trends, 2020
IDB/Cornell Coronavirus Survey: Methodological Notes
N Bottan, B Hoffmann, D Vera-Cossio
Inter-American Development Bank, 2020
Evaluación de impacto de corto y mediano plazo del programa Ingreso Solidario
E Álvarez, J Gallego, B Hoffmann, MP Medina, C Pecha, M Stampini, ...
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo. Departamento de Investigación y economía …, 2022
Re-thinking Social Protection: From Poverty Alleviation to Building Resilience in Middle-Income Households
DA Vera-Cossio, B Hoffmann, C Pecha, J Gallego, M Stampini, D Vargas, ...
IDB Publications (Working Papers), 2023
The Effect of Heat Waves on Economic Activity: Evidence from Latin America
J Dueñas, A Goytia, B Hoffmann
Inter-American Development Bank, 2023
Disasters and Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Introduction to the Special Issue
E Cavallo, B Hoffmann, I Noy
Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, 1-11, 2023
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