CJ Boraxbekk
CJ Boraxbekk
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Copenhagen Consensus statement 2019: physical activity and ageing
J Bangsbo, J Blackwell, CJ Boraxbekk, P Caserotti, F Dela, AB Evans, ...
British journal of sports medicine 53 (14), 856-858, 2019
Aerobic exercise intervention, cognitive performance, and brain structure: results from the physical influences on brain in aging (PHIBRA) study
LS Jonasson, L Nyberg, AF Kramer, A Lundquist, K Riklund, ...
Frontiers in aging neuroscience 8, 336, 2017
Predicting long-term outcome of Internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy for social anxiety disorder using fMRI and support vector machine learning
KNT Månsson, A Frick, CJ Boraxbekk, AF Marquand, SCR Williams, ...
Translational psychiatry 5 (3), e530-e530, 2015
Internal imagery training in active high jumpers
CJ OLSSON, B Jonsson, L Nyberg
Scandinavian journal of psychology 49 (2), 133-140, 2008
Acute effects of breaking up prolonged sitting on fatigue and cognition: a pilot study
P Wennberg, CJ Boraxbekk, M Wheeler, B Howard, PC Dempsey, ...
BMJ open 6 (2), e009630, 2016
Physical activity over a decade modifies age-related decline in perfusion, gray matter volume, and functional connectivity of the posterior default-mode network—A multimodal …
CJ Boraxbekk, A Salami, A Wåhlin, L Nyberg
NeuroImage 131, 133-141, 2016
Motor representations and practice affect brain systems underlying imagery: an fMRI study of internal imagery in novices and active high jumpers
CJ Olsson, B Jonsson, A Larsson, L Nyberg
The open neuroimaging journal 2, 5, 2008
Neuroplasticity in response to cognitive behavior therapy for social anxiety disorder
KNT Månsson, A Salami, A Frick, P Carlbring, G Andersson, T Furmark, ...
Translational psychiatry 6 (2), e727, 2016
Motor imagery: if you can't do it, you won't think it
CJ Olsson, L Nyberg
Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports 20 (5), 711-715, 2010
Altered neural correlates of affective processing after internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy for social anxiety disorder
KNT Månsson, P Carlbring, A Frick, J Engman, CJ Olsson, O Bodlund, ...
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 214 (3), 229-237, 2013
Effects on power, strength and lean body mass of menstrual/oral contraceptive cycle based resistance training
L Wikström-Frisén, CJ Boraxbekk, K Henriksson-Larsén
Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 57 (1-2), 43-52, 2017
Learning by doing and learning by thinking: an fMRI study of combining motor and mental training
CJ Olsson, B Jonsson, L Nyberg
Frontiers in human neuroscience 2, 5, 2008
Distinct effects of acute exercise and breaks in sitting on working memory and executive function in older adults: a three-arm, randomised cross-over trial to evaluate the …
MJ Wheeler, DJ Green, KA Ellis, E Cerin, I Heinonen, LH Naylor, ...
British journal of sports medicine 54 (13), 776-781, 2020
Biological and environmental predictors of heterogeneity in neurocognitive ageing: evidence from Betula and other longitudinal studies
L Nyberg, CJ Boraxbekk, DE Sörman, P Hansson, A Herlitz, K Kauppi, ...
Ageing research reviews 64, 101184, 2020
Countermovement jump peak force relative to body weight and jump height as predictors for sprint running performances:(in) homogeneity of track and field athletes?
JL Markström, CJ Olsson
The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 27 (4), 944-953, 2013
Voxel-based morphometry multi-center mega-analysis of brain structure in social anxiety disorder
JM Bas-Hoogendam, H van Steenbergen, JN Pannekoek, JP Fouche, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical, 2017
Brain simulation of action may be grounded in physical experience
CJ Olsson, L Nyberg
Neurocase 17 (6), 501-505, 2011
Free Recall Episodic Memory Performance Predicts Dementia Ten Years prior to Clinical Diagnosis: Findings from the Betula Longitudinal Study
CJ Boraxbekk, A Lundquist, A Nordin, L Nyberg, LG Nilsson, R Adolfsson
Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra 5 (2), 191-202, 2015
Does Aerobic Exercise Influence Intrinsic Brain Activity? An Aerobic Exercise Intervention among Healthy Old Adults
P Flodin, LS Jonasson, K Riklund, L Nyberg, CJ Boraxbekk
Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 9, 267, 2017
Educational attainment does not influence brain aging
L Nyberg, F Magnussen, A Lundquist, W Baaré, D Bartrés-Faz, L Bertram, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (18), e2101644118, 2021
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