Vladimir Pudalov
Vladimir Pudalov
Физический институт им. П.Н. Лебедева РАН
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Possible metal-insulator transition at B= 0 in two dimensions
SV Kravchenko, GV Kravchenko, JE Furneaux, VM Pudalov, M d’Iorio
Physical Review B 50 (11), 8039, 1994
Scaling of an anomalous metal-insulator transition in a two-dimensional system in silicon at B= 0
SV Kravchenko, WE Mason, GE Bowker, JE Furneaux, VM Pudalov, ...
Physical Review B 51 (11), 7038, 1995
Field-effect transistors on rubrene single crystals with parylene gate insulator
V Podzorov, VM Pudalov, ME Gershenson
Applied physics letters 82 (11), 1739-1741, 2003
Single-crystal organic field effect transistors with the hole mobility
V Podzorov, SE Sysoev, E Loginova, VM Pudalov, ME Gershenson
Applied Physics Letters 83 (17), 3504-3506, 2003
Magnetic field suppression of the conducting phase in two dimensions
D Simonian, SV Kravchenko, MP Sarachik, VM Pudalov
Physical review letters 79 (12), 2304, 1997
Low-density spin susceptibility and effective mass of mobile electrons in Si inversion layers
VM Pudalov, ME Gershenson, H Kojima, N Butch, EM Dizhur, ...
Physical review letters 88 (19), 196404, 2002
Instability of the two-dimensional metallic phase to a parallel magnetic field
VM Pudalov, G Brunthaler, A Prinz, G Bauer
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters 65 (12), 932-937, 1997
Zero-magnetic-field collective insulator phase in a dilute 2D electron system
VM Pudalov, M D’Iorio, SV Kravchenko, JW Campbell
Physical review letters 70 (12), 1866, 1993
Global phase diagram for the quantum Hall effect: An experimental picture
SV Kravchenko, W Mason, JE Furneaux, VM Pudalov
Physical review letters 75 (5), 910, 1995
Superconductivity at 161 K in thorium hydride ThH10: Synthesis and properties
DV Semenok, AG Kvashnin, AG Ivanova, V Svitlyk, VY Fominski, ...
Materials Today 33, 36-44, 2020
Thermodynamic spin magnetization of strongly correlated two-dimensional electrons in a silicon inversion layer
O Prus, Y Yaish, M Reznikov, U Sivan, V Pudalov
Physical Review B 67 (20), 205407, 2003
Metal–insulator transition in 2D: resistance in the critical region
BL Altshuler, DL Maslov, VM Pudalov
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 9 (2), 209-225, 2001
Pis’ ma v ZhETF 66, 168 (1997)
VM Pudalov
JETP lett 66, 175, 1997
G. Brunr thalеr, A. Prinz, and G. Bauеr
VM Pudalov, ME Gеrshеnson, H Кojima
Phys. Rev. Lett 91, 126403, 2003
Thermoelectric and hot-electron properties of a silicon inversion layer
R Fletcher, VM Pudalov, Y Feng, M Tsaousidou, PN Butcher
Physical Review B 56 (19), 12422, 1997
Magnetic field induced transitions between quantized hall and insulator states in a dilute 2D electron gas
M D'Iorio, VM Pudalov, SG Semenchinsky
Physics Letters A 150 (8-9), 422-426, 1990
Superconducting properties of sulfur-doped iron selenide
M Abdel-Hafiez, YY Zhang, ZY Cao, CG Duan, G Karapetrov, VM Pudalov, ...
Physical Review B 91 (16), 165109, 2015
Evidence for the influence of electron-electron interaction on the chemical potential of the two-dimensional electron gas
SV Kravchenko, DA Rinberg, SG Semenchinsky, VM Pudalov
Physical Review B 42 (6), 3741, 1990
Reentrant insulating phase in Si inversion layers in low magnetic fields
M D’Iorio, VM Pudalov, SG Semenchinsky
Physical Review B 46 (24), 15992, 1992
Weak anisotropy and disorder dependence of the in-plane magnetoresistance in high-mobility (100) Si-inversion layers
VM Pudalov, G Brunthaler, A Prinz, G Bauer
Physical review letters 88 (7), 076401, 2002
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