Mike Dunne
Mike Dunne
Director, LCLS. Stanford University, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
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A high-power laser fusion facility for Europe
M Dunne
Nature physics 2 (1), 2-5, 2006
The vulcan 10 pw project
C Hernandez-Gomez, SP Blake, O Chekhlov, RJ Clarke, AM Dunne, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 244 (3), 032006, 2010
Use of X-ray preheated foam layers to reduce beam structure imprint in laser-driven targets
M Desselberger, MW Jones, J Edwards, M Dunne, O Willi
Physical review letters 74 (15), 2961, 1995
Evaluation of a foam buffer target design for spatially uniform ablation of laser-irradiated plasmas
M Dunne, M Borghesi, A Iwase, MW Jones, R Taylor, O Willi, R Gibson, ...
Physical review letters 75 (21), 3858, 1995
Compact, efficient laser systems required for laser inertial fusion energy
A Bayramian, S Aceves, T Anklam, K Baker, E Bliss, C Boley, A Bullington, ...
Fusion science and Technology 60 (1), 28-48, 2011
Supersonic propagation of an ionization front in low density foam targets driven by thermal radiation
T Afshar-Rad, M Desselberger, M Dunne, J Edwards, JM Foster, D Hoarty, ...
Physical review letters 73 (1), 74, 1994
Rapid heating of solid density material by a petawatt laser
RG Evans, EL Clark, RT Eagleton, AM Dunne, RD Edwards, WJ Garbett, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (19), 191505, 2005
Relativistic laser-matter interaction: from attosecond pulse generation to fast ignition
GA Mourou, CL Labaune, M Dunne, N Naumova, VT Tikhonchuk
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49 (12B), B667, 2007
Laser-driven particle accelerators
M Dunne
Science 312 (5772), 374-376, 2006
A route to the brightest possible neutron source?
A Taylor, M Dunne, S Bennington, S Ansell, I Gardner, P Norreys, ...
Science 315 (5815), 1092-1095, 2007
Comparison of Nd: phosphate glass, Yb: YAG and Yb: S-FAP laser beamlines for laser inertial fusion energy (LIFE)
AC Erlandson, SM Aceves, AJ Bayramian, AL Bullington, RJ Beach, ...
Optical Materials Express 1 (7), 1341-1352, 2011
Timely delivery of laser inertial fusion energy (LIFE)
M Dunne, EI Moses, P Amendt, T Anklam, A Bayramian, E Bliss, B Debs, ...
Fusion Science and Technology 60 (1), 19-27, 2011
Observation of mix in a compressible plasma in a convergent cylindrical geometry
CW Barnes, SH Batha, AM Dunne, GR Magelssen, S Rothman, RD Day, ...
Physics of Plasmas 9 (11), 4431-4434, 2002
The linac coherent light source
WE White, A Robert, M Dunne
Journal of synchrotron radiation 22 (3), 472-476, 2015
Time-resolved measurement of x-ray heating in plastic foils irradiated by intense soft-x-ray pulses
J Edwards, M Dunne, D Riley, R Taylor, O Willi, SJ Rose
Physical review letters 67 (27), 3780, 1991
Extreme light infrastructure: laser architecture and major challenges
JP Chambaret, O Chekhlov, G Cheriaux, J Collier, R Dabu, P Dombi, ...
Solid State Lasers and Amplifiers IV, and High-Power Lasers 7721, 338-352, 2010
Shock structuring due to fabrication joints in targets
SR Goldman, SE Caldwell, MD Wilke, DC Wilson, CW Barnes, WW Hsing, ...
Physics of Plasmas 6 (8), 3327-3336, 1999
Multimode seeded Richtmyer–Meshkov mixing in a convergent, compressible, miscible plasma system
NE Lanier, CW Barnes, SH Batha, RD Day, GR Magelssen, JM Scott, ...
Physics of plasmas 10 (5), 1816-1821, 2003
Vulcan petawatt-operation and development
C Hernandez-Gomez, PA Brummitt, DJ Canny, RJ Clarke, J Collier, ...
Journal de Physique IV (Proceedings) 133, 555-559, 2006
The Linac Coherent Light Source: recent developments and future plans
RW Schoenlein, S Boutet, MP Minitti, AM Dunne
Applied Sciences 7 (8), 850, 2017
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