Matteo Rubinato
Matteo Rubinato
Assistant Professor, Coventry University
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Urban and river flooding: Comparison of flood risk management approaches in the UK and China and an assessment of future knowledge needs
M Rubinato, A Nichols, Y Peng, J Zhang, C Lashford, Y Cai, P Lin, S Tait
Water science and engineering 12 (4), 274-283, 2019
SuDS & sponge cities: a comparative analysis of the implementation of pluvial flood management in the UK and China
C Lashford, M Rubinato, Y Cai, J Hou, S Abolfathi, S Coupe, ...
Sustainability 11 (1), 213, 2019
Experimental calibration and validation of sewer/surface flow exchange equations in steady and unsteady flow conditions
M Rubinato, R Martins, G Kesserwani, J Leandro, S Djordjević, ...
Journal of Hydrology 552, 421-432, 2017
Surface to sewer flow exchange through circular inlets during urban flood conditions
M Rubinato, S Lee, R Martins, JD Shucksmith
Journal of Hydroinformatics 20 (3), 564-576, 2018
Comparison between InfoWorks hydraulic results and a physical model of an urban drainage system
M Rubinato, J Shucksmith, AJ Saul, W Shepherd
Water Science and Technology 68 (2), 372-379, 2013
On the characteristics of velocities fields in the vicinity of manhole inlet grates during flood events
R Martins, M Rubinato, G Kesserwani, J Leandro, S Djordjević, ...
Water Resources Research 54 (9), 6408-6422, 2018
Impact of multiple vegetation covers on surface runoff and sediment yield in the small basin of Nverzhai, Hunan Province, China
J Luo, X Zhou, M Rubinato, G Li, Y Tian, J Zhou
Forests 11 (3), 329, 2020
Quantification of energy losses at a surcharging manhole
M Rubinato, R Martins, JD Shucksmith
Urban Water Journal 15 (3), 234-241, 2018
Living with urban flooding: A continuous learning process for local municipalities and lessons learnt from the 2021 events in Germany
B Bosseler, M Salomon, M Schlüter, M Rubinato
Water 13 (19), 2769, 2021
Validation of 2D shock capturing flood models around a surcharging manhole
R Martins, G Kesserwani, M Rubinato, S Lee, J Leandro, S Djordjević, ...
Urban Water Journal 14 (9), 892-899, 2017
A comparative study of manhole hydraulics using stereoscopic PIV and different RANS models
MNA Beg, RF Carvalho, S Tait, W Brevis, M Rubinato, A Schellart, ...
Water Science and Technology 2017 (1), 87-98, 2018
Exchange between drainage systems and surface flows during urban flooding: Quasi-steady and dynamic modelling in unsteady flow conditions
V Kitsikoudis, S Erpicum, M Rubinato, JD Shucksmith, P Archambeau, ...
Journal of hydrology 602, 126628, 2021
Physical scale modelling of urban flood systems
M Rubinato
University of Sheffield, 2015
CFD modelling of the transport of soluble pollutants from sewer networks to surface flows during urban flood events
MNA Beg, M Rubinato, RF Carvalho, JD Shucksmith
Water 12 (9), 2514, 2020
Advances in modelling and prediction on the impact of human activities and extreme events on environments
M Rubinato, M Luo, X Zheng, JH Pu, S Shao
Water 12 (6), 1768, 2020
Analysis of long-term water level variations in Qinghai Lake in China
J Fang, G Li, M Rubinato, G Ma, J Zhou, G Jia, X Yu, H Wang
Water 11 (10), 2136, 2019
An assessment of soil’s nutrient deficiencies and their influence on the restoration of degraded karst vegetation in Southwest China
Y Liu, C Liu, M Rubinato, K Guo, J Zhou, M Cui
Forests 11 (8), 797, 2020
An experimental study on mechanisms for sediment transformation due to riverbank collapse
A Shu, G Duan, M Rubinato, L Tian, M Wang, S Wang
Water 11 (3), 529, 2019
Protecting coastlines from flooding in a changing climate: A preliminary experimental study to investigate a sustainable approach
M Rubinato, J Heyworth, J Hart
Water 12 (9), 2471, 2020
A new parallel framework of SPH-SWE for dam break simulation based on OpenMP
Y Wu, L Tian, M Rubinato, S Gu, T Yu, Z Xu, P Cao, X Wang, Q Zhao
Water 12 (5), 1395, 2020
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