Jung-Il Choi
Jung-Il Choi
Professor, School of Mathematics and Computing (CSE), Yonsei University
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An immersed boundary method for complex incompressible flows
JI Choi, RC Oberoi, JR Edwards, JA Rosati
Journal of Computational Physics 224 (2), 757-784, 2007
Drag reduction by spanwise wall oscillation in wall-bounded turbulent flows
JI Choi, CX Xu, HJ Sung
AIAA journal 40 (5), 842-850, 2002
Lagrangian statistics in turbulent channel flow
JI Choi, K Yeo, C Lee
Physics of fluids 16 (3), 779-793, 2004
Large‐eddy simulation of human‐induced contaminant transport in room compartments
JI Choi, JR Edwards
Indoor air 22 (1), 77-87, 2012
Spatial organization of large-and very-large-scale motions in a turbulent channel flow
J Lee, JH Lee, JI Choi, HJ Sung
Journal of fluid mechanics 749, 818-840, 2014
Numerical simulations of effects of micro vortex generators using immersed-boundary methods
S Ghosh, JI Choi, JR Edwards
AIAA journal 48 (1), 92-103, 2010
Mathematical analysis of particle deposition in human lungs: an improved single path transport model
JI Choi, CS Kim
Inhalation toxicology 19 (11), 925-939, 2007
Large eddy simulation and zonal modeling of human-induced contaminant transport.
JI Choi, JR Edwards
Indoor air 18 (3), 233-249, 2008
Large eddy/reynolds-averaged navier-stokes simulation of a mach 5 compression-corner interaction
JR Edwards, JI Choi, JA Boles
AIAA journal 46 (4), 977-991, 2008
Evolution of ultrafine particle size distributions following indoor episodic releases: relative importance of coagulation, deposition and ventilation
D Rim, M Green, L Wallace, A Persily, JI Choi
Aerosol Science and Technology 46 (5), 494-503, 2012
Compressible boundary-layer predictions at high Reynolds number using hybrid LES/RANS methods
JI Choi, JR Edwards, RA Baurle
AIAA journal 47 (9), 2179-2193, 2009
Forecasting state-of-health of lithium-ion batteries using variational long short-term memory with transfer learning
S Kim, YY Choi, KJ Kim, JI Choi
Journal of Energy Storage 41, 102893, 2021
Intermittent nature of acceleration in near wall turbulence
C Lee, K Yeo, JI Choi
Physical review letters 92 (14), 144502, 2004
A phase-field fluid modeling and computation with interfacial profile correction term
Y Li, JI Choi, J Kim
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 30 (1-3), 84-100, 2016
Fast local image inpainting based on the Allen–Cahn model
Y Li, D Jeong, J Choi, S Lee, J Kim
Digital Signal Processing 37, 65-74, 2015
Direct numerical simulation of turbulent flow in a square duct: analysis of secondary flows
Y Joung, SU Choi, JI Choi
Journal of engineering mechanics 133 (2), 213-221, 2007
Multi-component Cahn–Hilliard system with different boundary conditions in complex domains
Y Li, JI Choi, J Kim
Journal of Computational Physics 323, 1-16, 2016
Human-induced particle re-suspension in a room
RC Oberoi, JI Choi, JR Edwards, JA Rosati, J Thornburg, CE Rodes
Aerosol Science and Technology 44 (3), 216-229, 2010
Simulation of shock/boundary-layer interactions with bleed using immersed-boundary methods
S Ghosh, JI Choi, JR Edwards
Journal of Propulsion and Power 26 (2), 203-214, 2010
Compressible-flow simulations using a new large-eddy simulation/Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes model
DA Gieseking, JI Choi, JR Edwards, HA Hassan
AIAA journal 49 (10), 2194-2209, 2011
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