Marc Lochbaum
Marc Lochbaum
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Goal orientations and perceptions of the sport experience
MR Lochbaum, GC Roberts
Journal of sport and exercise psychology 15 (2), 160-171, 1993
Aerobic physical activity effects on psychological well-being in low-income Hispanic children
DJ Crews, MR Lochbaum, DM Landers
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The importance of physical activity and physical education in the prediction of academic achievement.
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A meta-analytic review of the approach-avoidance achievement goals and performance relationships in the sport psychology literature
M Lochbaum, J Gottardy
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Sport ability beliefs, 2 x 2 achievement goals, and intrinsic motivation: The moderating role of perceived competence in sport and exercise
JCK Wang, WC Liu, MR Lochbaum, SJ Stevenson
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Need satisfaction, well-being, and perceived return-to-sport outcomes among injured athletes
L Podlog, M Lochbaum, T Stevens
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Viability of cardiorespiratory and muscular strength programs for the adolescent with autism
M Lochbaum, D Crews
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Task and ego goal orientations in competitive sport: A quantitative review of the literature from 1989 to 2016
M Lochbaum, Z Kazak Çetinkalp, KA Graham, T Wright, R Zazo
Kinesiology: International journal of fundamental and applied kinesiology 48 …, 2016
Self-efficacy as a mediator of children's achievement motivation and in-class physical activity
Z Gao, M Lochbaum, L Podlog
Perceptual and Motor Skills 113 (3), 969-981, 2011
Sport psychology and performance meta-analyses: A systematic review of the literature
M Lochbaum, E Stoner, T Hefner, S Cooper, AM Lane, PC Terry
PloS one 17 (2), e0263408, 2022
Multidimensional state anxiety and middle distance running performance: An exploratory examination of hanin's (1 980) zones of optimal functioning hypothesis
D Gow, S Tuffey, L Hardy, M Lochbaum
Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 5 (1), 85-94, 1993
Planning significant and meaningful research in exercise science: estimating sample size
JR Thomas, MR Lochbaum, DM Landers, C He
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Self-regulation: Concepts, methods, and strategies in sport and exercise
DJ Crews, MR Lochbaum, P Karoly
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Differences in participation motives of first-time marathon finishers and pre-race dropouts
J Havenar, M Lochbaum
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Effects of physical activity and shade on the heat balance and thermal perceptions of children in a playground microclimate
JK Vanos, AJ Herdt, MR Lochbaum
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An adolescent perspective on injury recovery and the return to sport
L Podlog, R Wadey, A Stark, M Lochbaum, J Hannon, M Newton
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Promoting physical activity using a wearable activity tracker in college students: A cluster randomized controlled trial
Y Kim, A Lumpkin, M Lochbaum, S Stegemeier, K Kitten
Journal of Sports Sciences, 1-8, 2018
The Profile of Moods States and athletic performance: A meta-analysis of published studies
M Lochbaum, T Zanatta, D Kirschling, E May
European journal of investigation in health, psychology and education 11 (1), 2021
Stress and the young athlete: The child’s perspective
D Gould, CG Wilson, S Tuffey, M Lochbaum
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A meta-analytic review of achievement goal orientation correlates in competitive sport: A follow-up to Lochbaum et al.(2016)
M Lochbaum, R Zazo, Z Kazak Çetinkalp, T Wright, KA Graham, ...
Kinesiology 48 (2.), 159-173, 2016
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