Marc Lochbaum
Marc Lochbaum
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Goal orientations and perceptions of the sport experience
MR Lochbaum, GC Roberts
Journal of sport and exercise psychology 15 (2), 160-171, 1993
Aerobic physical activity effects on psychological well-being in low-income Hispanic children
DJ Crews, MR Lochbaum, DM Landers
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The importance of physical activity and physical education in the prediction of academic achievement.
TA Stevens, Y To, SJ Stevenson, MR Lochbaum
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A meta-analytic review of the approach-avoidance achievement goals and performance relationships in the sport psychology literature
M Lochbaum, J Gottardy
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Sport ability beliefs, 2 x 2 achievement goals, and intrinsic motivation: The moderating role of perceived competence in sport and exercise
JCK Wang, WC Liu, MR Lochbaum, SJ Stevenson
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 80 (2), 303-312, 2009
Need satisfaction, well-being, and perceived return-to-sport outcomes among injured athletes
L Podlog, M Lochbaum, T Stevens
Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 22 (2), 167-182, 2010
Viability of cardiorespiratory and muscular strength programs for the adolescent with autism
M Lochbaum, D Crews
Complementary Health Practice Review 8 (3), 225-233, 2003
Task and ego goal orientations in competitive sport: A quantitative review of the literature from 1989 to 2016
M Lochbaum, Z Kazak Çetinkalp, KA Graham, T Wright, R Zazo
Kinesiology: International journal of fundamental and applied kinesiology 48 …, 2016
Self-efficacy as a mediator of children's achievement motivation and in-class physical activity
Z Gao, M Lochbaum, L Podlog
Perceptual and Motor Skills 113 (3), 969-981, 2011
Planning significant and meaningful research in exercise science: estimating sample size
JR Thomas, MR Lochbaum, DM Landers, C He
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport 68 (1), 33-43, 1997
Multidimensional state anxiety and middle distance running performance: An exploratory examination of hanin's (1 980) zones of optimal functioning hypothesis
D Gow, S Tuffey, L Hardy, M Lochbaum
Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 5 (1), 85-94, 1993
Differences in participation motives of first-time marathon finishers and pre-race dropouts
J Havenar, M Lochbaum
Journal of Sport Behavior 30 (3), 270, 2007
Self-regulation: Concepts, methods, and strategies in sport and exercise
DJ Crews, MR Lochbaum, P Karoly
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Stress and the young athlete: The child’s perspective
D Gould, CG Wilson, S Tuffey, M Lochbaum
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Promoting physical activity using a wearable activity tracker in college students: A cluster randomized controlled trial
Y Kim, A Lumpkin, M Lochbaum, S Stegemeier, K Kitten
Journal of Sports Sciences, 1-8, 2018
An adolescent perspective on injury recovery and the return to sport
L Podlog, R Wadey, A Stark, M Lochbaum, J Hannon, M Newton
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 14 (4), 437-446, 2013
The role of relative autonomy in post-exercise affect responding
R Lutz, M Lochbaum, K Turnbow
Journal of Sport Behavior 26 (2), 137, 2003
Understanding Exercise Motivation: Examining the Revised Social-Cognitive Model of Achievement Motivation.
SJ Stevenson, MR Lochbaum
Journal of Sport Behavior 31 (4), 2008
Methodological approaches to pedagogical control of the functional and motor fitness of the girls from 7-9 grades
O Ivashchenko, O Khudolii, S Iermakov, M Lochbaum, C Mirosława, ...
A meta-analytic review of achievement goal orientation correlates in competitive sport: A follow-up to Lochbaum et al.(2016)
M Lochbaum, R Zazo, Z Kazak Çetinkalp, T Wright, KA Graham, ...
Kinesiology 48 (2.), 159-173, 2016
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