Denis Borisov
Denis Borisov
Main Scientific Researcher, Head of Department, Institute of Mathematics, Ufa FRC, RAS
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Bound states in weakly deformed strips and layers
D Borisov, P Exner, R Gadyl'Shin, D Krejčiřík
Annales Henri Poincare 2 (3), 553-572, 2001
Geometric coupling thresholds in a two-dimensional strip
D Borisov, P Exner, R Gadyl'shin
Journal of Mathematical Physics 43 (12), 6265-6278, 2002
PT-Symmetric Waveguides
D Borisov, D Krejčiřík
Integral Equations and Operator Theory 62 (4), 489-515, 2008
Exponential splitting of bound states in a waveguide with a pair of distant windows
D Borisov, P Exner
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 37 (10), 3411, 2004
Discrete spectrum of an asymmetric pair of waveguides coupled through a window
DI Borisov
Sbornik: Mathematics 197 (4), 475, 2006
Asymptotics of Dirichlet eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on thin domains in Rd
D Borisov, P Freitas
Journal of Functional Analysis 258 (3), 893-912, 2010
Singular asymptotic expansions for Dirichlet eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on thin planar domains
D Borisov, P Freitas
Annales de l'IHP Analyse non linéaire 26 (2), 547-560, 2009
On a waveguide with frequently alternating boundary conditions: homogenized Neumann condition
D Borisov, R Bunoiu, G Cardone
Annales Henri Poincaré 11 (8), 1591-1627, 2010
Asymptotics for the solutions of elliptic systems with rapidly oscillating coefficients
D Borisov
St. Petersburg Math. J 20, 175-191, 2009
Homogenization of the planar waveguide with frequently alternating boundary conditions
D Borisov, G Cardone
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 42 (36), 365205, 2009
Waveguide with non-periodically alternating Dirichlet and Robin conditions: homogenization and asymptotics
D Borisov, R Bunoiu, G Cardone
Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik 64 (3), 439-472, 2013
On the spectrum of a periodic operator with a small localized perturbation
DI Borisov, RR Gadyl'shin
Izvestiya: Mathematics 72 (4), 659, 2008
Homogenization and norm-resolvent convergence for elliptic operators in a strip perforated along a curve
D Borisov, G Cardone, T Durante
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A: Mathematics 146 (6 …, 2016
Asymptotics and estimates for the eigenelements of the Laplacian with frequently alternating non-periodic boundary conditions
DI Borisov
Izvestiya: Mathematics 67 (6), 1101, 2003
On a model boundary value problem for Laplacian with frequently alternating type of boundary condition
DI Borisov
arXiv preprint math-ph/0208009, 2002
Asymptotic behaviour of the spectrum of a waveguide with distant perturbations
D Borisov
Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry 10 (2), 155-196, 2007
Uniform resolvent convergence for strip with fast oscillating boundary
D Borisov, G Cardone, L Faella, C Perugia
Journal of Differential Equations 255 (12), 4378-4402, 2013
The effective Hamiltonian for thin layers with non-Hermitian Robin-type boundary conditions
D Borisov, D Krejčiřík
Asymptotic Analysis 76 (1), 49-59, 2012
Spectrum of the magnetic Schrödinger operator in a waveguide with combined boundary conditions
D Borisov, T Ekholm, H Kovařík
Annales Henri Poincaré 6 (2), 327-342, 2005
Quantum waveguides with small periodic perturbations: gaps and edges of Brillouin zones
D Borisov, K Pankrashkin
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 46 (23), 235203, 2013
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