Hong Qiao
Hong Qiao
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On stabilization of bilinear uncertain time-delay stochastic systems with Markovian jumping parameters
Z Wang, H Qiao, KJ Burnham
IEEE Transactions on Automatic control 47 (4), 640-646, 2002
Discriminatively boosted image clustering with fully convolutional auto-encoders
F Li, H Qiao, B Zhang
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Event-triggered state estimation for discrete-time multidelayed neural networks with stochastic parameters and incomplete measurements
B Shen, Z Wang, H Qiao
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Nonlinear measures: a new approach to exponential stability analysis for Hopfield-type neural networks
H Qiao, J Peng, ZB Xu
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A reference model approach to stability analysis of neural networks
H Qiao, J Peng, ZB Xu, B Zhang
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A comparative study of two modeling approaches in neural networks
ZB Xu, H Qiao, J Peng, B Zhang
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A scale stretch method based on ICP for 3D data registration
S Ying, J Peng, S Du, H Qiao
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A simple Taylor-series expansion method for a class of second kind integral equations
Y Ren, B Zhang, H Qiao
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Gnccp—graduated nonconvexityand concavity procedure
ZY Liu, H Qiao
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Cross-modality interactive attention network for multispectral pedestrian detection
L Zhang, Z Liu, S Zhang, X Yang, H Qiao, K Huang, A Hussain
Information Fusion 50, 20-29, 2019
The concept of “attractive region in environment” and its application in high-precision tasks with low-precision systems
H Qiao, M Wang, J Su, S Jia, R Li
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A new approach to stability of neural networks with time-varying delays
J Peng, H Qiao, Z Xu
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A low-cost pedestrian-detection system with a single optical camera
XB Cao, H Qiao, J Keane
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Robust filtering for bilinear uncertain stochastic discrete-time systems
Z Wang, H Qiao
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An explicit nonlinear mapping for manifold learning
H Qiao, P Zhang, D Wang, B Zhang
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A survey of methods and strategies for high-precision robotic grasping and assembly tasks—Some new trends
R Li, H Qiao
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Online support vector machine based on convex hull vertices selection
D Wang, H Qiao, B Zhang, M Wang
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An extended path following algorithm for graph-matching problem
ZY Liu, H Qiao, L Xu
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Compare contact model-based control and contact model-free learning: A survey of robotic peg-in-hole assembly strategies
J Xu, Z Hou, Z Liu, H Qiao
arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.05240, 2019
Paired-domination of trees
H Qiao, L Kang, M Cardei, DZ Du
Journal of Global Optimization 25, 43-54, 2003
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