Lee A. Weinstein
Lee A. Weinstein
Graduate student, MIT
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Concentrating solar power
LA Weinstein, J Loomis, B Bhatia, DM Bierman, EN Wang, G Chen
Chemical Reviews 115 (23), 12797-12838, 2015
Concentrating solar thermoelectric generators with a peak efficiency of 7.4%
D Kraemer, Q Jie, K McEnaney, F Cao, W Liu, LA Weinstein, J Loomis, ...
Nature Energy 1 (11), 1-8, 2016
Vortex shedding induced energy harvesting from piezoelectric materials in heating, ventilation and air conditioning flows
LA Weinstein, MR Cacan, PM So, PK Wright
Smart Materials and Structures 21 (4), 045003, 2012
Coupling endoplasmic reticulum stress to the cell death program in mouse melanoma cells: effect of curcumin
J Bakhshi, L Weinstein, KS Poksay, B Nishinaga, DE Bredesen, RV Rao
Apoptosis 13 (7), 904-914, 2008
Aerogel-based solar thermal receivers
K McEnaney, L Weinstein, D Kraemer, H Ghasemi, G Chen
Nano Energy 40, 180-186, 2017
A hybrid electric and thermal solar receiver
LA Weinstein, K McEnaney, E Strobach, S Yang, B Bhatia, L Zhao, ...
Joule 2 (5), 962-975, 2018
Optical cavity for improved performance of solar receivers in solar-thermal systems
L Weinstein, D Kraemer, K McEnaney, G Chen
Solar Energy 108, 69-79, 2014
Harnessing heat beyond 200° C from unconcentrated sunlight with nonevacuated transparent aerogels
L Zhao, B Bhatia, S Yang, E Strobach, LA Weinstein, TA Cooper, G Chen, ...
ACS nano 13 (7), 7508-7516, 2019
Enhanced absorption of thin-film photovoltaic cells using an optical cavity
LA Weinstein, WC Hsu, S Yerci, SV Boriskina, G Chen
Journal of Optics 17 (5), 055901, 2015
Modeling of thin-film solar thermoelectric generators
LA Weinstein, K McEnaney, G Chen
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (16), 164504, 2013
Hybrid optical–thermal antennas for enhanced light focusing and local temperature control
SV Boriskina, LA Weinstein, JK Tong, WC Hsu, G Chen
ACS Photonics 3 (9), 1714-1722, 2016
Hybrid optical-thermal devices and materials for light manipulation and radiative cooling
SV Boriskina, JK Tong, WC Hsu, L Weinstein, X Huang, J Loomis, Y Xu, ...
Active Photonic Materials VII 9546, 95461U, 2015
A Passive High-Temperature High-Pressure Solar Steam Generator for Medical Sterilization
L Zhao, B Bhatia, L Zhang, E Strobach, A Leroy, MK Yadav, S Yang, ...
Joule 4 (12), 2733-2745, 2020
Diverging polygon-based modeling (DPBM) of concentrated solar flux distributions
J Loomis, L Weinstein, SV Boriskina, X Huang, V Chiloyan, G Chen
Solar Energy 122, 24-35, 2015
Thermal emission shaping and radiative cooling with thermal wells, wires and dots
SV Boriskina, JK Tong, LA Weinstein, WC Hsu, Y Huang, G Chen
Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics, IT2A. 3, 2015
Intermediate temperature solar thermal collector enabled BY NON-evacuated transparent aerogel and NON-tracking compound parabolic concentrator
L Zhao, B Bhatia, T Cooper, E Strobach, S Yang, LA Weinstein, G Chen, ...
International Heat Transfer Conference Digital Library, 2018
Improvements to solar thermoelectric generators through device design
LA Weinstein
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013
Solar power conversion system with directionally-and spectrally-selective properties based on a reflective cavity
S Boriskina, D Kraemer, K McEnaney, LA Weinstein, G Chen
US Patent 9,917,221, 2018
Hybrid optical-thermal nanoantennas for enhanced light focusing and radiative cooling
SV Boriskina, LA Weinstein, WC Hsu, J Tong, G Chen
manuscript in preparation, 2015
Directional selectivity as an alternative to concentration for high efficiency solar thermal systems
LA Weinstein, DM Bierman, EN Wang, G Chen
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