Johan van Lierop
Johan van Lierop
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Nearly complete regression of tumors via collective behavior of magnetic nanoparticles in hyperthermia
CL Dennis, AJ Jackson, JA Borchers, PJ Hoopes, R Strawbridge, ...
Nanotechnology 20 (39), 395103, 2009
The effect of surface spin disorder on the magnetism of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticle dispersions
TN Shendruk, RD Desautels, BW Southern, J Van Lierop
Nanotechnology 18 (45), 455704, 2007
Internal magnetic structure of nanoparticles dominates time‐dependent relaxation processes in a magnetic field
CL Dennis, KL Krycka, JA Borchers, RD Desautels, J Van Lierop, NF Huls, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (27), 4300-4311, 2015
Field and Temperature Induced Magnetic Transition in G d 5 S n 4: A Giant Magnetocaloric Material
DH Ryan, M Elouneg-Jamróz, J Van Lierop, Z Altounian, HB Wang
Physical review letters 90 (11), 117202, 2003
Mössbauer spectra of single-domain fine particle systems described using a multiple-level relaxation model for superparamagnets
J Van Lierop, DH Ryan
Physical Review B 63 (6), 064406, 2001
A Versatile Method for the Reductive, One‐Pot Synthesis of Bare, Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Magnetite Nanoparticles
V Yathindranath, L Rebbouh, DF Moore, DW Miller, J van Lierop, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (8), 1457-1464, 2011
Hierarchical self-assembly and optical disassembly for controlled switching of magnetoferritin nanoparticle magnetism
MA Kostiainen, P Ceci, M Fornara, P Hiekkataipale, O Kasyutich, ...
Acs Nano 5 (8), 6394-6402, 2011
Novel aspects of magnetic interactions in a macroscopic 3D nanoparticle-based crystal
O Kasyutich, RD Desautels, BW Southern, J Van Lierop
Physical review letters 104 (12), 127205, 2010
Proximity effects in an exchange-biased Ni 80 Fe 20∕ Co 3 O 4 thin film
J Van Lierop, KW Lin, JY Guo, H Ouyang, BW Southern
Physical Review B 75 (13), 134409, 2007
Exchange bias dependence on interface spin alignment in a Ni 80 Fe 20/(Ni, Fe) O thin film
H Ouyang, KW Lin, CC Liu, SC Lo, YM Tzeng, ZY Guo, J Van Lierop
Physical review letters 98 (9), 097204, 2007
Magnetic field enhanced convective diffusion of iron oxide nanoparticles in an osmotically disrupted cell culture model of the blood–brain barrier
Z Sun, M Worden, Y Wroczynskyj, V Yathindranath, J van Lierop, ...
International journal of nanomedicine 9, 3013, 2014
Magnetism of iron oxide based core-shell nanoparticles from interface mixing with enhanced spin-orbit coupling
E Skoropata, RD Desautels, CC Chi, H Ouyang, JW Freeland, ...
Physical Review B 89 (2), 024410, 2014
Spin canting across core/shell Fe 3 O 4/Mn x Fe 3− x O 4 nanoparticles
SD Oberdick, A Abdelgawad, C Moya, S Mesbahi-Vasey, D Kepaptsoglou, ...
Scientific Reports 8 (02, 2018), 3425, 2018
Increased surface spin stability in γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles with a Cu shell
RD Desautels, E Skoropata, YY Chen, H Ouyang, JW Freeland, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 24 (14), 146001, 2012
Superparamagnetic spin dynamics studied using selective excitation double Mössbauer spectroscopy
J Van Lierop, DH Ryan
Physical review letters 85 (14), 3021, 2000
Muon spin resonance study of transverse spin freezing in
DH Ryan, JM Cadogan, J Van Lierop
Physical Review B 61 (10), 6816, 2000
Tailoring interfacial exchange coupling with low-energy ion beam bombardment: Tuning the interface roughness
KW Lin, M Mirza, C Shueh, HR Huang, HF Hsu, J Lierop
Applied Physics Letters 100 (12), 122409, 2012
Weak ferromagnetism in CaB 6
MC Bennett, J van Lierop, EM Berkeley, JF Mansfield, C Henderson, ...
Physical Review B 69 (13), 132407, 2004
Iron (ii) coordination complexes with panchromatic absorption and nanosecond charge-transfer excited state lifetimes
JD Braun, IB Lozada, C Kolodziej, C Burda, KME Newman, J van Lierop, ...
Nature Chemistry 11 (12), 1144-1150, 2019
Micromagnetic simulations of interacting dipoles on an fcc lattice: application to nanoparticle assemblies
ML Plumer, J van Lierop, BW Southern, JP Whitehead
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 22 (29), 296007, 2010
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